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4 Replies to “Tunisia starts chain of kindergartens to “Islamize children from the crib””

  1. Child abuse, pure and simple. There are no other words for it.
    And what is it with the bagged-up, sackcloth-wearing teacher? Slaves are in no position to be educating anyone!
    I can’t wait until Islam is finally removed from this lonely planet of ours and when all Islamic tyrants are brought to justice, be it in the hands of man or the hands of God. It is long overdue and when it comes Muslims should be made to pay the price tenfold for what they have done to humanity in the course of their bloody history..
    Nemesis will come one day and until it does, I for one will never submit to this evil called Islam.

  2. This is why the left wants to have so much control of your child’s education, catch them young and propagandize and indoctrinate them right and they will follow you into hell and think they are doing good.

  3. Well, Mohamed got his “bride” Aisha at kindergarten age. Although, being such a “respectable” old man, he only (apparently) raped her at the age of 9.

    Lots of young fodder for traditionally highly sexed people who want to emulate Mohamed, and even, perhaps, do better than him.

    Where are the French child-protection services?

  4. Whooops….I thought that was in France. Well, if it’s born-again rabid islamist Tunesia – nothing can be done for those poor babies, while the Western left is complicit in Islamic child abuse, sexual, ethical, intellectual…

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