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5 Replies to “President Bashar al-Assad: our neighbours help terrorists enter Syria”

  1. Syria, a country where Christians and other minorities could openly practice their faith, has been reduced by us to just a step away from an alQaeda Muslim Brotherhood country.

    Turkey was once a Christian majority country, but now Christians are less then 0.01%. Its not surprising that Turkey is fomenting anarchy in Syria. Once Assad is gone the fate of Christians in Syria will be the same as in Turkey – wiped out.

  2. Assad’s chickens are coming home to roost. Assad’s father beat back the Muslims Brotherhood.
    But Assad is fighting the Brotherhood & Al Aqaeda after he helped Al Qaeda thrive (in Iraq).

  3. @ DP111

    I think it would be harder for the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate & organize in Turkey. I don’t see it happening in 5 years. Maybe 10 or longer if ever. But I could be so totally wrong.

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