New game: Guess that weapon

Extra points for correctly stating where these weapons are made, and especially who supplied them. Too bad the US ambassador to Libya was killed. I bet he could win hands down.

H/T Magic Martin:

How many tards does it take to fire a weapon?

1. to pull the trigger and another one to say alala hackbaa or whatever it is.

Magic Martin points out that it isn’t just the weapons. Some of these require training. Who is doing that?

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7 Replies to “New game: Guess that weapon”

  1. The rifle doesn’t look American. But the country of a weapons manufacture has nothing to do with who supplied it. Countries often take care to supply weapons that were made in other countries for the sake of deniability.

  2. The rifle looks like a HK91, made by Heckler & Koch, a German company. But they have subsidiaries in the UK and US, so who knows where they were made. In any event, they’ve come from the EU or US.

    I understand the US is now supplying Muslim terrorist maniacs in Syria with the 50cal AS-50, the world’s most powerful and advanced sniper rifle. What could possibly go wrong? There’s no chance they’ll turn up in the West Bank, Gaza or Europe…

  3. When this current Syria crisis, civil, sectarian, and tribal war is over the high tech weapons just as before will end up in the hands of our enemies killing more of our military in the future. It seems that many of our foreign policy ‘experts’ are very short sighted.

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