Pakistan attack: Deadly raid on Peshawar power plant

H/T Wrath of Khan


At least seven people have been killed in an attack by dozens of militants on an electricity plant on the outskirts of the Pakistani city of Peshawar.

A policeman and a plant employee were killed on the spot and nine people were taken hostage, police said.

Five bodies were later recovered from a nearby field but the whereabouts of the four remaining hostages are unknown.

No group has said it carried out the raid, but the Taliban frequently launch attacks in the region.

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10 Replies to “Pakistan attack: Deadly raid on Peshawar power plant”

  1. As far as I can see the big difference between the Moslem Brotherhood and the Taliban is the Moslem Brotherhood leaders have more education.

  2. Bernanke & Morsi both have education. They are both running things into the ground. What good is a education if you do not have a good moral grounding. The key word is good.

  3. Bernanke is not honest. Maybe he feels he cannot be honest & keep his job.

    The problem is that the U.S. is the reserve currency (although we are seeing the leading edge of China becoming a (or the) reserve currency; Australian Chinese convertibility). Being a reserver currency brings benefits to the U.S. and to the world.

    That is unless U.S. politicians deficit spend and money has to be printed to cover it. I believe in Keynes’ approach. Yes I do! Keynes told Washington what Moses told the pharaoh. The problem is that over the business cycle the Washington pols never save as much as the deficit spend in the contraction part of the cycle.

    The Next Financial Challenge by C. Fred Bergsten. Published in the NOV/DEC 2011 of CFR’s Foreign Affairs.

    I still dislike “special drawing rights”. It looks to much like grants & loans to be forgiven by profligate politicians who deficit spend to buy voters. I have to admit that Soros is right about the need for a “world” reserve currency. The Democrat Party & Bernanke have shown what happens when the U.S. is a reserve currency. Quantitative Easing, Qeternity, is theft. Maybe not QE1 from my understanding but everyone after that was theft.

    Maybe we could retire Soros to a tropical Island with a large staff & monthly or semi annual boat runs of supplies. I would trust a world currency more then.

  4. Peshawar might in or at the edge of the tribal area, but the elites of Pakistan have to ask themselves a question. Without infrastructure or the people to run it, they won’t be running a country for much longer.

    The whole ISI puppet master things is not working out anymore.

  5. Best case scenario Bernanke is a die hard Keynesian who is too stupid to learn.

    Worst cast scenario Bernanke is a closet Marxist who is helping Obama do massive damage to the US and the world.

    I think the latter but you may not agree.

  6. Egypt lost 100 million if currency reserves. Which makes it iffy as to which way it is going. They put in new capital controls & Obama gave them 2 Billion last September. They started talking to the IMF on Wednesday.

    I guess I need to dig deeper & see what they export & import & see what the trends are.

    I don’t know how much $ Egypt needs from Obama to stay afloat.

    I’ll go here. Bernanke is Jewish. I was reading up on the pogroms in Russia & the subsequent politicization (mostly Marxist/socialist) & emigration to Argentina & U.S. (some to England also). So what was the political persuasion of Bernanke’s parents & grandparents? I have in-laws buried in a communist cemetery, a prestigious one. So I am not foaming at the mouth anti this or that. Good question what is Bernanke?

  7. I am going to have to read what Anna Schwartz wrote, when she appealed to Obama to not re-appoint Bernanke as chairman. Maybe he is just not competent for the job. Maybe he is not a Marxist.

    Anna Schwartz was a coauthor with Milton Friedman on some papers.

  8. Off the top of my head Egypt doesn’t export anything, they live on tourism and fees from the canal, they import well over 1/2 of their food and for all practical purposes all of their manufactured items. Tourism is dying but the canal is still paying them money.

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