US sends missile defence to Guam on N. Korea ‘threat’


US sends missile defence to Guam on N. Korea ‘threat’

The Pentagon on Wednesday announced plans to install an advanced missile defence system in the US-administered Pacific island of Guam. The US defence secretary spoke of a “real and clear” danger of a North Korean missile attack.

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The Pentagon said on Wednesday it was sending an advanced ballistic missile defense system to Guam in the coming weeks, as U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel cited a “real and clear” danger from North Korea.

North Korea has singled out U.S. military bases in Guam, a U.S. territory in the Pacific, and Hawaii among its potential targets in threats in recent weeks that have put the Korean peninsula on edge and triggered a change in the U.S. defense posture and missile defense planning.

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7 Replies to “US sends missile defence to Guam on N. Korea ‘threat’”

  1. I would like to laugh at the crazy fat boy but I can’t, one of these days he will carry out one of his real big threats. Or Obama will get in major trouble and decide to wag the dog.

  2. I don’t understand how they have the technology to make nuclear bombs but don’t seem to have the technology to make a long range missile? Surely there’s more to making nuclear bomb than a long range missile?

  3. Trev I am not sure what is the answer but I know that all nations that have both built the nuclear weapons before they did the missiles. Part maybe most of the problem is in the guidance systems, but exactly what the problem is I don’t know.

  4. Yeah,you might be right there Richard.But i am beginning to wonder now weather the North Koreans have ever really had the technology to build either in the first place,and their nukes have been contributed to them by their puppet masters the Chinese.The end result being the usa has to spend billions more to protect itself and the South Koreans,and in the process crippling their economy that little bit more.

  5. That they do, and they have been reluctant in sharing it with North Korea, Iran is suppose to have long range missiles but not ICBMs, since they are suppose to have been getting most of their guidance from North Korea the only explanation is that the Korean experts were really Chinese experts.

    Spending on anti-missile bases and tech is much lower then spending on offensive weapons, and both are in the defense budget which is below 25% of the Federal Budget, what has hurt us is the Quantitative Easing, it has done nothing for the country. Prior to Obama the amount of money spend on welfare since LBJ declared the war on poverty was almost exactly the amount of our national debt.

  6. Part of the problem with missile tech is not the tech. It is quality control. Quality control is much easier with a robust economy employing well fed happy people.

    If that control valve between the nozzle & the propellant tank is not made well, it doesn’t matter what tech you developed, was given to you by the Chinese or was stolen.

    Happy people is a competitive advantage. All tech can & will be stolen or otherwise dispersed. Happy people with skin in the game is the only way to survive.

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