Links and news for April 2 2013

1. Irans growing threat to the Americas

2. After Cypress, Slovenia

3. Cypress meltdown could hit much higher % of gov’t take

4. Another mustard, this time in Egypt, goes on about flying the jihad flag on the white house. Someone should tell him its already there. he can go home now.

5. Islamic Slavery and Racism (H/T Richard)

6. ATF agents raid home of popular youtube gun and explosives enthusiast. (I quite like this guy’s videos. Good Russian accent as well for a yankee)

7. China holds landing exercises in disputed seas

8. Abra Ka Dhabi! Man charged with black magic in Abu Dhabi Du

9. Worst play-on words imaginable at 35 seconds. North Korea opens women’s only ‘concentration camp’ where women are told to concentrate very hard.

Remember to click the little cc at the bottom right of the player to get the captions

10. Analysis on range of various missiles of NORK

Thank you very much Richard and Magic Martin and all who sent in these tips over the past few days. It is much appreciated. Please keep them coming.

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  1. 1. Iran is suppose to have several thousand trained commandos in North America, how well trained is the question.

    2. I had never thought of Slovenia when I was thinking about the economic collapse, however it makes sense for them to keep taxes low and attract foreign depositors like Cyprus did, but with nothing but the banking industry the nations economy would be very fragile and catch a cold ever time anyone in the financial world sneezed. Now that the EU has completed the robbery of the Cyprus banks they are looking for other places they can rob. Slovenia may well be the next target, the left in Western Europe hates the idea that people think they should keep most of the money they make.

    3. Cyprus is the precedent that will be followed in the coming months as other nations face economic collapse, I doubt if we will ever know the total amount that the EU wills steal but it will be much larger the 10 billion, there are reports that the take from Cyprus is many times that.

    6. He is a target because of the videos, the gun grabbers are trying to make an example out of him.

    Eeyore you aren’t the only one who likes his videos, that is why Obama and company have targeted him..

    10. Last year North Korea put a satellite into low earth orbit, if they have a re-entry vehicle this will let them reach anywhere in the world.

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