‘Canadians’ identified in Algerian terror drama.

I put Canadians in single quotes because it is in no way the salient variable in this Muslim’s choice of actions. Also I would like to know why CBC used the photo they did instead of a more recent, and representative one.

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  1. lol, it’s like a murder mystery isn’t it, with the suck ups to Islam pretending there’s some great puzzle. “Something changed”, “what happened”.
    It’s amazing, what could have possibly happened. I didn’t watch to the end, but I bet there’s a Imam representative of the local community saying that this was against Islam in there somewhere.
    What did happen? It’s a reaaaal mystery, lol.

  2. “What happened”? uhmmmm islam I would say.

    But …. who cares, that little ass hole is dead.That works for me.

  3. So Kristos Katsiroubas comes from a broken family and is middle class? Are broken families middle class as often as unbroken families. Kristos came from a neighborhood of social housing & middle class homes. That’s nice. But you Canadians have too many liberals like us Yanks. Just the way they said social housing makes my hair stand on edge. It is like the reporters are Europeans.

    Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate Canada or use to. In the late 1990s I drove to Toronto by way of Detroit. And this is the God’s honest truth. The Holiday Inn & Best Western hotels are much better in Canada than in the U.S. They were clean. In America they tend to be dingy & worn. Holiday Inn’s & Best Westerns use to be nice hotels in in the 1960s & 1970s. Not so much anymore. Canada seems cleaner than the U.S. overall. It was that way from Detroit all the way until Mississauga.

    Social Housing is something that you have 10% of people live in one generation & 9 % of people the next generation & so forth. Social Housing is something that if you have you don’t have open immigration until you have it resolved as in gone.

    Broken family, no fault divorce, put down the current culture, high unemployment, high immigration & a kid looking to make his way in the world. Journalists & academics would point out that all this means nothing. His siblings did not turnout like him. I would say that it is more likely and there is an increased percentage turning out this way given these conditions. they give 1/2 truths & lie.

    I watched the journalist bullcrap. They went to university, but they don’t speak my language. They don’t use statistics often. When they do they give bad statistics without full context and that are suspect in their derivation.

    This goggle search “Kristos Katsiroubas” “Ali Medlej” showed only 3 results. Maybe this story is just breaking.

  4. ““Xris” Katsiroubas grew up in a home with a backyard swimming pool in a middle-class London neighbourhood with rich ethnic diversity.”

    A backyard swimming pool does not make you rich or middle class. Unless it was a concrete swimming pool it is actually very inexpensive. It is guaranteed to impress a 1st grader but by 4th grade they are too big to swim at all in it & not cool. We had a a swimming pool about 2 fight high & 10 foot across. My father was 3 years out of college on the bottom rung. Big Deal

    Walmart sells swimming pools for $199 & contain 4,000 gallons of water. 1/2 a stroke & you have reached the far end.

    If journalists are so hot to show us how middle class Kristos was they could show us what quintile of the population his family was in by income or wealth. They could show us the house he lived in & give us its cost & whether they it was paid for or mortgaged to the hilt.

    He lived in a middle class London neighborhood that had social housing?

    I use to live 2 blocks from race car diver Mario Andretti & 2 blocks form the slums. BFD. I am also sure there was lots of rich ethnic diversity.

    I hate eff’n liberals.

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