Links and news for March 30 2013

1. Sky is falling orgs: ‘Even when we are wrong we are right’

2. Atheist British political elite choose Catholic schools for their own children.

3. I think this was a study on mental illness back when they only had 360 X 420 cameras

4. Pakistani police arrest alleged blasphemer after crowd surrounds his house

5. CBN: Danes deny asylum to Christians from Iran

6. Article ties Obama to Turkish regime, suggests strong connections between Obama and the MB, provides evidence.

7. Published on 25 Jan 2013

Thames Television’s Julian Manyon reports exclusively from the occupied American embassy in the Iranian capital, Tehran

8. Archbishop of Canterbury actually defends Christians in Britain.

9. Guardian article claims the EDL is exploiting muslim rape gangs. Now that, is the gold standard of moral relativism. If they do, it is exactly in the same way that police and crime writers exploit crime. The EDL would be happier if it didn’t have to exist at all.

10. The Bacon condom.

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2 Replies to “Links and news for March 30 2013”

  1. The atheist elite are choosing schools that will teach their kids, they don’t want them to receive the same crappy education the ordinary people get.

    Many people have been saying that Obama helped plan and spring the Arab spring so he could over throw governments that were friendly to the US, now there is evidence.

    Talk about a man bites dog story, Christians being defended. Even when they are the vast majority they are attacked and discriminated against.

    If the Moslems weren’t such assholes there would be no anti-Moslem movements.

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