’82 Pan Am bomber who killed boy freed

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Japan Times:

NEW YORK – Mohammed Rashed, who placed a bomb that damaged a Pan Am jet over the Pacific in 1982, killing a Japanese high schooler, was released from federal prison Wednesday, a U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesman said.

“He was released early this morning,” Chris Burke said, adding that Rashed, 63, was being held at a facility in Pennsylvania.

Rashed’s release was in exchange for information on other terrorist plots under an agreement that will also deport him to a country of his choice, AP said. It has not been disclosed which country he wants to go to.

In the 1982 incident, Rashed got off the Pan Am flight at Narita airport after planting a time bomb under a seat of the plane. The flight was on its way to Honolulu that Aug. 11 when the device exploded, killing Toru Ozawa, 16, under whose seat the bomb had been planted. Ozawa was setting off on a vacation with his family. Fifteen other passengers were also wounded, including Ozawa’s parent, but the pilots managed to land the plane.

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13 Replies to “’82 Pan Am bomber who killed boy freed”

  1. I remember this incident. Most Americans do not. What I do not remember is that the perpetrator was Muslim. I suppose Mohamed was mad U.S. troops were stationed in the Holy Land of Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield.

    Don’t laugh. What I said makes sense and is the truth. It is as truthful as Hillary Clinton (born October 26, 1947) saying she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary for his ascent of Mount Everest in May 28, 1953.

    “For more than a decade, one piece of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s informal biography has been that she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary, the conqueror of Mount Everest. The story was even recounted in Bill Clinton’s autobiography.”


    Really, what was Mohammed Rashed’s beef?

  2. The date made no sense to me. It took me about 30 seconds looking at the buildings & the NY lawmakers complaining to understand.

    What it will take is a Hollywood or Indy movie where the American President (& not a stereotypical right wing one) does a fly by.

  3. Blackbird

    People hate hypocrisy. Although many admire might making right regardless of hypocrisy or fairness in dealing with others.

    A message such as the Pope’s can win out. Because while some people admire “might is right”, they only do so when they are part of or thing they are part of the winning team & may derive some benefit. Otherwise fairness wins out.

    Of course one way people have enriched themselves is to raid, kill & enslave people & take their shit. If everyone submitted to Islam, I think this would very likely continue. First the Ahmidiya, Sufis & Shia would go. Then African Muslims who are not quite Sunni or Muslim enough for some reason. When it was all Sunnis, the Wahabbi or someone would come up with some pretext to launch a jihad.

    In the end the fighting will devolve to 2 2 small Muslims tribes fighting over the last oasis on a ‘Dying Earth’.

    No, I still admire the Pope, but I will not submit to Islam.

  4. @ Eeeyore

    Chuck Schumer certainly got his face time in front of a camera. I wonder how many people he trampled?

    Anyway a Fortune 50 company my family relies on is having layoffs again. To me that says double dip recession. But I thought the Messiah fixed the economy.

    This is not due to the sequester. The 4th quarter GDP was weak.

    I will have to find statistics from private/public source which are non-governmental to get a real handle on the state of the economy. Reporting U3 with or with out lying is still useless when it does with out context. I do believe they lie about the stats. I have had coursework on forecasting & statistics. People have to look at the Labor Force Participation Rate, U6, SSI in addition to U3.

    If I read the some more psychology & sociology I will be able to make a mapping from the Roman Republic & Empire to U.S. Presidents & Congress.

    America does not have a free market economy.. It has a political economy.

  5. “No one remembers…”

    I will try to drive traffic here. I have no financial interest in doing so. My reasons are twofold.
    One is because Vladtepesblog is a good aggregator of this problem. Two is because people have to wake up.

    People hate blog pimping. But if I am not the owner or a writer for a blog, I have no shame in doing so.

    People can analyze the writing style of Eeyore & myself to see we are not the same people.

  6. John the state of the economy is very weak, without out looking up the data and running it the true unemployment rate is between 15 and 20% with the true inflation rate betwee 112 and 15%. The scary thing is the US is still the strongest economy in the world.

  7. @ Richard

    To an extent I don’t care. It is what it is. I do care about people lying about it, so that their side (The Democrats), their man (Obama) & their policies do not get properly accredited.

    The weak 4th quarter GDP was revised with the admonishment that it was not too bad at .4%. But it is bad when your population is growing from legal or illegal immigration. The latest PMI trending downward & the layoffs tell me that 2013 will be like 2012 or worse.

    The stock market is propped up by Bernanke. Yet Obama points to it as proof that his policies work well. That is as big of a lie as the U3 number. I saved the Zerohedge story plus one from a different source.

    The housing market seems to be better, but we will see. That might be the only bright spot.

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