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10 Replies to “Paul Weston explains why he left British Freedom and formed Liberty GB”

  1. Paul talks well, writes brilliantly, but he didn’t mention UKip. The momentum appears to be with them. I know people say UKip is a one man band, and Farage has very little to say about the religion of peace, but the only way, I believe, to break the stranglehold the liblabcon party has over UK politics, is to support UKip. I’m not sure if another micro party is what we need.

  2. @Parisclaims. You make a fair point about UKIP. I would argue though that UKIP are essentially a single-issue party making tremendous ground at the moment because people have seen through the EU socialist facade. But the Conservatives (Farage is essentially a Conservative as well) do not want to lose the next election. If it becomes really obvious they will get demolished if they don’t offer an in/out referendum BEFORE the next election in 2015, then they will have no choice but to offer said referendum.

    The moment they do that, UKIP will be finished overnight. Farage will consider his job done and will become a Conservative MP or MEP.

    Like UKIP, Liberty GB will never come to power under Britain’s electoral system, but what we can do is force the Government to bend to our will over Islam, the way UKIP has (will in 2015) over the European Union.

    In order to make that happen we have to exist as a political party, and we have to be seen as respectable people concerned about Human Rights, rather than a white supremacist outfit like the BNP, who will never be able to exert any pressure on a sitting government at all.

    UKIP started out as a micro-party and grew because they reflected the concerns of the people. Liberty GB can do this as well, long after UKIP have folded after Cameron offers the referendum. There is NO respectable party speaking out against Islam, we fill a vital role that can only continue to grow as more people awaken to the threat of Islam.

    We are not targetting the 2015 election, we are looking at 2020. Things will be far worse by then and I genuinely believe we will make a difference – albeit without actually being elected. One final thing, UKIP under Farage will NEVER talk about Islam. If Farage is replaced and they did start to, then I would probably rejoin.

    PS: Thanks for posting the vid Vlad!

  3. Farage is an intelligent chap, and he must share the contempt & loathing we all have for islam,surely? I’m essentially a conservative too, but with a strong nationalist and libertarian streak, that why I cannot even think of voting for a Conservative Party that would have Cameron as a leader. Still, I wish your party all the best.

  4. Mr Weston you are a hero to many people although I was unhappy about the middle england talk. My fear is that unlike the working class who support the EDL the middle englanders, who I guess are not working class, are a fickle bunch. They may have little backbone for a real fight, if it does come to that. And if things do improve they may simply go back to their lawns and old ways. Nevertheless my vote will be for you and I wish you all the luck for the future.

  5. Agreed re Cameron! There are many within UKIP who share my view about Islam, but Farage feels it would derail his political career by talking about it. But it MUST be talked about.

  6. @hktony You are right about Middle England having little stomach for a fight. But without them there is NO chance of electoral success. The middle class would not follow the EDL, but the EDL will (I hope) follow someone who speaks out in defence of their class – which I do. I am going to give this democracy thing a bash up to the 2020 election, but If we only get approx 5% of the vote at that point, then I will cease believing this can be solved democratically and will act accordingly. By which I mean no more middle class Middle England – it will then be dealt with on the streets.

  7. I think you are 100 % right in what you say. I do believe Mr Farage will talk about Islam when the time is right. Remember, softly softly catch a monkey.

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