Interview with Islam-critic and Australian glass artist, Sergio Redegalli

This interview was done over 2 nights due to problems with Skype connection mostly. This is part I of II and for those that cannot see videos embedded from MRCTV there is a youtube version or, you can try another browser. Firefox or Chrome seems to have no problem with MRCTV while Internet Explorer does on some machines.

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6 Replies to “Interview with Islam-critic and Australian glass artist, Sergio Redegalli”

  1. That was fantastic. The MSM couldn’t be arsed to get an interview with Sergio, even to malign him, which would be their natural inclination. Looking forward to the 2nd installment – I now have two new links:

  2. Ill try and get to editing the rest of the material tonight. Its quite a bit of work. There is some more to go though. Ill have a look tonight and try and get it done by early AM Thursday. His art is qutie excellent. I like his Aisha glass dolls in cages and burkas.

  3. Great to see Sergio again, he bloody great ! and the little i have seen of his art work , it really is magnificent!!! hey see if you can track Jack Zedee down , he is working like a trojan to block mosques in Australia , been attacked , debated and showed that idiot conlin ( ibrahim the convert now shown as a pedofile) gave evidence at one of the trials for the idiots who attacked Sergio , the guys everywhere , Sergio would know where to find him , i sure wish i did , he stopped the mosque being planned here and got the folks their jobs back at the meatworks as it was being planned to go halal , but he got them NON halal deals and showed there was a market for non halal meats , but then he just took off for his next project .

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