More horror for March 14 2013

1. 3 Arabic looking men brutally gang rape a British tourist in Spain. One of the rapists estimated to be 70 years old.

2. The Netherlands raises terror alert level due to migrating jihadis. EDL Buck points out that this must mean they are getting ready to try Geert Wilders again for mentioning it.

3. University College bans group who segregated audience during debate.  I guess this means they will have to change a letter in the spelling of the name.

4. More rape of you know who by you can guess who

5. Lord Ahmed

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  1. Norway agency to file complaint over pork in halal food

    The Norwegian Food Safety Authority said Friday it would file a police complaint against a food company after finding large quantities of pork in its halal-labeled products.

    Kebab meat sold by Norwegian group Kuraas to restaurants contained between five and 30 percent pork even though it was marked as halal, the agency found.

    “We will file a complaint against the producer,” Catherine Signe Svinland, an adviser at the food safety watchdog, told AFP.

    “In a halal product, there should be no pork at all and when we find such quantities … we don’t believe it’s an accident but it is in fact fraud,” she said.

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