US-born former Army vet known as ‘The American’ fights alongside Al Qaeda

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By Greg Tepper and Ilan Ben Zion

Published March 11, 2013

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    An American who has gone by the name Eric Harroun has taken up arms with Islamists, most recently in Syria.

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    A frequent poster on message boards favored by Islamic radicals, “The American” predicted the uprising he would later join.

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    Harroun announced one of his trips on MySpace.

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    He’s a U.S.-trained soldier turned Muslim warrior who moves between America and countries where the winds of the Arab spring blow, fighting alongside jihadists and America-hating terrorists while celebrating his bloody exploits on YouTube videos.

    Eric Harroun, 30, grew up in Phoenix before joining the U.S. Army in 2000. Although Harroun was never deployed during his three-year hitch, he has seen plenty of combat fighting with Syrian rebels and, more recently, Jabhat al-Nusra, a group the U.S. State Department classifies as an alias for Al Qaeda in Iraq.

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    On Feb 12th we posted a video with a jihadi that looks a lot like that fellow and expressed a concern that he may be an American fighting with Ak Queda

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    5 Replies to “US-born former Army vet known as ‘The American’ fights alongside Al Qaeda”

    1. Sharia4Belgium fighting in Syria

      There are reports that members of the disbanded Muslim extremist group Sharia4Belgium are taking part in the fighting in Syria. The Belgian daily De Standaard says that the security services are concerned about what may happen when these fighters return to Belgium.

      The daily speaks of some seventy youngsters aged between 17 and 25 being involved in the Syrian civil war. The youngsters are believed to come from Brussels and Flemish cities including Antwerp, Mechelen and Vilvoorde.

      Most of the youngsters set off to join the opposition against President Assad. The youngsters are not being deployed by the Free Syrian Army, but are active in extremist Salafist groups opposed to Assad’s Alawite regime.

      Other Belgian youngsters have surfaced in radical Muslim militias in Yemen and in Chechnya in Russia.

      Belgian security services are concerned about what could happen when these youngsters return to this country. Their experience with arms and explosives and the likelihood that they will have been indoctrinated by what are seen as violent Islamists is setting alarm bells ringing.

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