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8 Replies to “Everyone needs to complain to Cadbury as well as the stores selling them”

  1. Since when was pork, religiously slaughtered animals and alcohol ever put in chocolate easter bunnies? I always thought these were the only 3 reasons for a halal certification/notification. FFS Cadbury’s, now I have to stop buying your delicious treats, sadly, as I choose not to have any of my money contributed towards the socio-political cult that request food be certified halal in Australia.

  2. Please, go into shops and loudly ask where the Pagan Easter bunnies are – as these are obviously for the islamic festival, and you would not want to deprive the muslim children.

    (Or the Christian Easter eggs, if you think they are a sign of christian renewal.)

  3. We should complain about ANY commercial food that has ‘Halal” on it. Halal means Muslims have prayed over it. That means it has been OFFERED TO IDOLS…

  4. Easter eggs and hot cross buns = death on the road
    Eating and feasting on these haraam Christian symbols are bound to adversely affect the Imaan of the wrongdoer drawing him/her closer to the ultimate indulgence in kufr and shirk thus eliminating Imaan. May Allah Ta’ala save us from such a horrible end.
    With the prepondence of kufr, shirk, fisq and fujoor festivals, customs, shows and gatherings during the Easter period is there any wonder then that the Athaab (punishment) of Allah Ta’ala manifests itself in the form of death and destruction on the roads of South Africa over this period in particular?

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