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9 Replies to “US finds some sanity, rescinds award to racist Egyptian hate monger”

  1. “We as a department became aware very late “.

    Ya, That`s kind of sums up what “departments” are aware off!

    …………………………… So raise your awareness, for crying out loud!

  2. Well, this “human rights activist” fullfills all the prerequisites for being a “human rights activist” in the eyes of the present UN:

    virulent Jew-hater – tick
    Muslim – tick
    headscarf wearer – tick
    Arab – tick
    victim – tick
    anti-American – tick
    left media darling – tick
    anti-white racist – tick
    liar – tick

    I’m sure I have forgotten some….

  3. Rita we are,but both China who is buying bonds and the US are running their printing presses until they melt printing money, this is why both countries have a high inflation rate. I know China is suppose to be strong, they aren’t telling the facts about their economy and Obama and company are removing all high inflation items from out inflation index to make the rate seem small.

  4. Fundamentally transforming America under a Marxist Muslim requires a state dept that is totally out of whack and a twit like Nuland who is, in her own words “not paid to be smart”.

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