BBC 30 minute show on Afghanistan, child rape and corruption by police and military

The BBC recently did a rather unusually honest program on the state of things in Afghanistan today. While it fails to mention the role of Islam in the cascade of horrors that make having a civilization impossible there, it does at least show the child-rape, dishonesty in dealing with it as a problem, massive massive corruption, drug abuse, catastrophically dangerous procedures, and frankly, a police force more active in multiple crimes than pretty much most criminal gangs police typically stop in real countries.

The program is not available to be seen outside of the UK and is only online for a few more weeks. But someone managed to make a bit torrent out of it.

Anyone interested and familiar with bit torrenting can click here to get the file needed to get the program. Anyone who wants to see the program can download one of the many free programs for bit torrenting, one of them called ‘Bit Torrent‘ and once installed, can click the link and select that program to open this. So long as many people are ‘seeding’ it, then it should be delivered quickly.

I look forward to the comments on this one. It is quite surprising for the BBC. To those familiar with the mission to Afghanistan, or to anyone who has been there or knows someone who has, it is at least vindicating that a large media outlet is at least admitting some components of the truth.

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  1. Horrible countries, and in this category all Muslim countries are included, have horrible religions, and vice versa.

  2. I was shocked, completely shocked when I watched this programme on al-beeb. shocked that al-beeb had actually shown it.

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