Police probe rape of 7-year-old in New Delhi

Now thats a coincidence. wasn’t Aisha 7 when Mohamed raped her the first time? I’ll try and follow this one to get the details on the accused.

Washington Examiner:

NEW DELHI (AP) — Police are investigating the rape of a 7-year-old girl inside a state-run school in the Indian capital.

A Delhi police spokesman said Friday that police registered a rape case and were questioning teachers and security guards at the school. The spokesman spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar, who helped treat the girl, said she had injuries consistent with rape.

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3 Replies to “Police probe rape of 7-year-old in New Delhi”

  1. I thought she was nine when Mo raped her.

    This very sick crime may not be religious in nature, there is a belief in the Third World that if you have sex (any type of sex that penetrates the female) you will be cured of AIDS, I have heard about cases in South Africa where babies less then a year old were raped by their relatives so they could be sure the girl was a virgin.

  2. Rich, the girl gave birth aged nine. Mo “married” her when she was six. She would have been incapable of conceiving until she was nine. Likely Mo was trying well before she turned nine though…. he was an animal.

  3. Mo didn’t rape her until she was nine, but he still got his sexual kicks from her before then. It’s called ‘thighing’ and it’s similar to what a frisky dog does when it humps your leg.
    Look it up!
    Mo was no slouch when it came to satisfying his lust. Paedophiles today are mere novices compared to the all-time master.
    The clue is in the initials. Prophet Mohammed (PM) – Paedophile master!

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