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3 Replies to “Ezra Levant & Jonathan Halevi – The Arab Underground – Mar 1, 2013”

  1. Becoming more islamic is THE ONLY kind of self improvement allowed by the source texts and interpretations.

    Even the peacy weasy interpretation that Jihad means only to to improve oneself and ones society by becoming more islamic and making the target society more islamic. So even the nicey wicey phoney baloney explanation of Jihad has a greater level of bullshit than most people think.

    Lemme repeat, the jihad to improve yourself ONLY means to adhere more and more to islamic doctrine. The meaning of “improve society” ONLY means make the target civilization follow more and more islamic law.

    Even the phoney baloney public relations meaning of jihad still means conquest.

    The duplicitous scumbags who wrote that “myjihad” ad campagne must have been laughing fit to burst while doing so.

  2. “Struggling vs falsehood and oppression.” By Falsehood they mean primarily christianity, democracy and equality for minorities – because those concepts aren’t sanctioned in the source religious and legal texts.

    And by Oppression they mean any country not ruled by a fundamentalist sharia dictatorship – like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Afganistan under Taliban Rule.

    Those are the countries least suffering from Oppression according how oppression is defined by islam.

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