Followers of Osama Bin Laden behead “alawite kuffar dogs”

Here is the link I won’t embed the video. I can’t take too much Islamic brutality in any one sitting. But it needs to be known that the people we are backing, financing etc. are ipso facto Al Qaeda and that they are torturing killing and beheading people who are the religion dominant in Syria, a variant of Islam called, ‘Alawites‘, and something that Shiia muslims of course, cannot stand to allow to exist. This is a jihad for Ikhwan and Al-Qaeada and nothing else. It is not an attempt to free the people living in Syria from a tyrannical regime. As we see already in other countries now dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and its variants, totalitarianism is compulsory. It is about who controls it and why.

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  1. Danish jihadist killed in combat in Syria

    Danish militant Slimane Hadj Abderrahmane, who spent two years at the U.S. Guantanamo Bay military prison, was killed fighting in Syria, media sources report.

    The Danish intelligence agency couldn’t confirm, however, whether Abderrahmane, 39, had been killed, The Copenhagen Post reported.

    Abderrahmane is known for his time at Guantanamo after Americans captured him in Afghanistan in 2001. In 2011, he sued the Danish government for not preventing is two-year detention in Cuba, the Post reported.

    He was one of a growing number of Danes who went to Syria to fight against Bashar Assad’s regime, the Post said.

    “Slimane was a man who could not stand to see Muslims suppressed, so a few months ago he travelled to Syria to once again perform Jihad and do his duty to fight Allah’s enemies,” the Facebook group Islamisk Budskab wrote Sunday.

  2. The entire war of survival we are fighting is about control, the Moslems want to control us and we don’t want to be controlled.

  3. Shouldn´t it be “that SUNNI muslims of course, cannot stand to allow to exist.”? The Alawites are an offspring of shia, and the rebels are sunni.

  4. Slimane Hadj Abderrahmane – Danish? You mean Viking and all that?

    Syria is attracting Jihadis from all over the world. Its a target rich environment.

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