The religion of eternal peace.

As most who read this site likely already know, the term, ‘Religion of Peace’ in reference to Islam was coined by Sayyid Qutb, author of Milestones, and architect of the Muslim Brotherhood and all its achievements including 911 and Al Qaeda. His reasoning was that as Islam will destroy all other systems of control and force the world under a global caliphate and ruled by sharia, the world will know peace as the constant jihad between Islam and the rest of the word will be over.

Of course this is nonsense even if achieved. First of all, Islam pretty much makes it impossible to achieve the afterlife without dying or killing people in jihad to spread Islam. So once all the obvious enemies are destroyed they will have to go after all the various forms of Muslims they feel aren’t authentic ones. Then of course, the authentic branches of Islam will contain people who do not really believe in their hearts and so on.

“The thing about Jihad is, you know when you lose. But how can you know when you won? Because when do you ever stop fighting for Allah?”  – Deterrence.

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