A wonderful example of how stupid and deceitful political correctness is.

I posted this video a few minutes ago in the article about the high-school fight between two groups of people from the past 48 hours. But I wanted to post it again because I just realized while listening to the interview of one of the students, he referred to the Somali students as “Somali Americans” although its quite likely that they are not Americans and that the issue is their Islamic culture, and, they are all to a person from Africa. Then he referred to the black-American students as “African American” Although I would wager the family farm not a man of them has ever been to Africa even on holiday and probably not any one of their immediate ancestors as well.

So somehow, the Africans became Somali Americans, while the Americans became African. This, is political correctness at its finest. Preposterous, deceitful, pernicious and farcical.

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  1. I am having a hard time keeping from puking over the ignorance is video. Two touchy groups that think they are superior to all others are fighting and the rest are trying to find some way to excuse their violence.

  2. I don’t know what happened any more than anyone else who has seen the same materials. But if I were to bet on it, I would bet that the Somali Muslims where assholes to everyone and especially the American Blacks calling them slaves etc. Remember, Somali’s do not consider themselves black but as Caucasians with darker skin. Seriously. And Somalis hold sub Saharan Africans in high contempt. My guess is the American Blacks (Sorry, I refuse to say ‘African American’ as that is just stupid) reacted to Muslim and Somali supremacist behavior. I bet it makes their gorge rise that to white people they are in the same category as American blacks.

  3. It’s a nightmare for the media, as it is in the UK when Sikhs and Muslims are in conflict. The media are wont to describe ethnically Pakistani or Bangladeshi men as “asian men” so that when there are other parties involved that could also be included by the term “asian men”, they are at a loss as to how to differentiate them while remaining politically correct.

  4. Vlad you may be right, but I am wondering if this isn’t part of the not so slow motion race war going on in the big cities of the US.

  5. New Somali President to US Somalis: Come back to Africa and help rebuild “your country”
    Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 20, 2013

    MINNEAPOLIS – A day after the U.S. officially recognized Somalia’s government for the first time in two decades, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud called on Somalis living in Minnesota to help rebuild their war-torn homeland.


    Send them back.

  6. ah yes, the best one can expect of the paradigm of cultural relativism, multi-culturalism and this is only one small example of what is going on all over western democracies, and as it worsens the problems and implications of these failed attempts will send the loving, helping, altrusitic policies of all western democracies to the bottom of the garbage heap of history, stomped on and cursed for all attempts of all .good. governments to help these animals, savages, from the times of early industrialization in modern countries…and that includes any harmful effects of many policies, including young children working in hidesous conditions, abuse of women, lack of childrens and womens rights, slavery, residential schools for Indians, and all these things that enlightened cultures like ours have risen above and beyond, but it seems the only thing ever focused on…are the previous problems

    I am so sick of hearing about all the bad things our modern cultures are responsible for doing, and when the hell are people going to stand up for what we have built.

    I agree somewhat with the analysis you make, I think the blacks are trying to seperate themselves from
    the islamic extremists, also black, and sick of their halloween costumes, and fucking religious bullshit

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