How to tell what happened based on what was not said.

Here is a hypothetical situation.

A fight between hundreds of students takes place, Somali, presumably Muslim students on one side, and black Americans on the other.

A reporter for an American TV station is dispatched to report on the story and interviews many students as well as parents and other adults at the school to try and learn what the ‘casus Beli’ might have been.

Now, imagine that students and adults both pretty much had said something like,

‘The 8% of Somali students were constantly being harassed and targeted for racism by the American students and lots of white kids’

You can pretty much guess that would be reported and even embellished a little as that is right with the narrative.

Now lets say that the students and responsible adults all said something like,

‘The Somali kids were hurling racist remarks at us, calling us infidels and slaves, insulting  us and demanding that we become Islamic etc. etc.’

Now how might that be reported? My guess would be constant and vague references to “ongoing tensions” repeated like a mantra, and maybe repeat that “overall, students here do get along” and that there really has been a history of (unspecified) ongoing tensions.

Truth, is the first casualty of political correctness.

*** UPDATE *** Magic Martin sent 2 links to videos which I have excerpted here. The full articles are here, and here.

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  1. I don’t know, they could all be Obamas sons. Enjoy your diversity Minnesota! Thank the Catholic and Lutheran Churches for your present rich diversity and raucous future.

  2. Somalia – this is the country that requires fully armed US marines, with Apache gunship support, to deliver food to the starving. That is all you need to know about Somalis.

    One marine in Somalia had the best solution to Somalia and Somalis, better then any “think” tank – airdrop them rifles, ammo and grenades, and seal the country.

    This way everyone, and most of all Somalis, are happy.

  3. Seriously fucked up. It looks more like a prison braw than a school fight. Sad that “students” today are worse than yesterday’s hardened criminals.

  4. All that vague language that the cop was using is the 21st century equivalent of, “Move along…nothing to see here…”. This is all so in keeping with Bill Whitle’s video on “The Narrative”. If it doesn’t fit the narrative, it gets cut out of the story, period. That’s the way a great many people are thinking these days. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? I wonder what happened at that school – I guess we’ll never know…

  5. This is not the first time there has been tension between Somalis and other Blacks in Western countries. It is happening in Britain too.

    “Inter-racial tension in Britain ‘at worst level for 50 years’

    …The film paints a particularly bleak portrait of black-on-black violence between Somalis and West Indians living in the Woolwich and Plumstead areas of south London. Even while making the programme, entitled Who You Callin’ A Nigger?, Mr Howe’s film crew were attacked by a Somali “community worker”.

    Later, Jobie, a 16-year-old West Indian, recounts how he was set upon by a large group of Somalis he recognised from his area while he attended an anti-racism concert in Greenwich. The damage to his skull was so severe that it nearly killed him.

    Thousands of Somali asylum seekers, fleeing the civil war, settled in Woolwich in the early 1990s. Tensions between the arriving Somalis and more long-standing West Indian residents have now boiled over, the programme suggests.

    Jobie says: “When I talk about them it makes me want to be sick. I think they are vermin. They are not a civilised people. They are black but a different kind of black To me they are like dirt. We have to clean up the dirt.”…”

  6. You know the Somalis are behaving pretty badly when other Blacks are despising them. Also from the Howe video and Telegraph article a black woman living in fear in her own home thanks to Somalis, 25 of whom attacked her home.

    “…The film-makers also show how Hyacinth, who has lived in Woolwich for 21 years, has become a prisoner in her home. She relates how one August evening last year she was sitting alone in her flat when she was subjected to a terrifying siege for nine hours.

    “I could hear bricks coming through my house breaking all the windows,” she says. “We were so scared in here. [It went on] until quarter past five [in the morning]. Glass was flying everywhere – I was lying on the floor shaking.”

    The incident was reported by a group of white boys who told police that the attack was carried out by 25 Somalis. Since the incident, Hyacinth has invested £800 in her own CCTV surveillance to monitor what happens on her doorstep.

    “I don’t sleep until 2pm,” she says. “I am so scared they might come back. I hate the Somalis – they should go back to their country. They are a warring people. They don’t know about peace, they don’t know about love. They have no heart. Truly they are animals.”

    Mr Howe says he is shocked by her language, describing it as similar to “a racist thug.” But he is also sympathetic – his director was “slapped around” by a Somali community worker “because we did not ask his permission to film his subjects”. He says: “Of everything I have seen I find the West Indian and Somali [violence] the hardest to stomach.”…”

    She said it well. Somalis are a warring people and don’t know about peace.

  7. Chris Jones:

    Magic Martin sent me a couple of videos of interviews with people at that school that fit my prediction about 90% with the 10% error being the political correctness of the man interviewed where he tried to show that the aggressors were also victims, which is the fashionable view now. Like when they include the suicide bomber in the victim list. As if somehow the fact that he did this on purpose didn’t matter, but that they were all equally victims.

    Ill try to post it later tonight.

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