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11 Replies to “One Muslim speaks the direct truth about Islam and its consequences on Arabic TV.”

  1. WOW! THANK YOU FOR THAT TAPE, I will keep it as an exquisite, exotic rarity. That man is either on the way to become a Christian, a Jew, or a decapitated hero.

  2. thanks OxAO. “What came first, the chicken or the shia?” hehehehe. On reflection, I have now mixed feelings, I dont really want “Islam” to survive (because the fundament will still be the koran) and with an enlightened man like this one, it would survive. Anyway, I’d love to find out more about him, and for starters know if he is still alive?

  3. Transcript from comment made by him in March & May of 2010: MEMRI

    Interviewer: Many Bahraini Internet forums describe you as a cleric who listens to music, who drives a Porsche sports car, who wears Dolce & Gabbana, who is obsessed with fashion, who celebrates Valentine’s Day and Christmas, and who watches Hollywood movies. People are not used to such clerics – or maybe you are no longer a cleric?
    Dhiya Al-Musawi: I am not a cleric.
    Interviewer: For long, or is this recent?
    Dhiya Al-Musawi: No, for a long time. But if it has to do with the clothes of the cleric… I am a Muslim, and I am Islamic. I am trying to implant the culture of life into society. Yes, I live this life, and I listen to music. Music has never been against humanity or religion. On the contrary, I have described music as a “purifying angel.”
    Have you ever heard of a man wearing an explosive belt emerging from an opera house to blow people up? I wrote once that it is better to give a child a guitar than a gun.

  4. transcript of another video

    Host- In your home, you have pictures of Martin Luther King and Jesus on the wall.

    Dhiyaa Al-Musawi– In my home, I put up a picture of Jesus, because whenever I look at his picture, worlds of peace and love open up before me. It was Jesus who said: “Love thy enemies, bless them who curse thee.” We need this beautiful language in our society. I also have a picture of Gandhi, whom I consider to be a very fine person, and whose (image) we should plant in the minds of our youth.

  5. ” I live this life, and I listen to music. Music has never been against humanity or religion.”– except that Muhammad hated music and that’s why its ‘un-Islamic’.

    Don’t forget that he did not renounce Islamic supremacism and domination. He is concerned with the “image” of Islam, so instead of the death cult he would like to see the clerics talk a little more about the 72 virgins and the 28 pearly boyz.

    I’m not impressed, sorry.

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