Illegal mosques financed by Saudis springing up near you

Macedonia Online:

Wednesday, 13 February 2013
Macedonia may need to follow Switzerland and ban the building of new mosques in the country. If the Swiss can do it and be applauded by the rest of Europe why can’t we?

Mosques are springing up virtually over night, illegally, with no building permits of any kind and in almost every case, the mosques are financed by Saudi, Kuwaiti, Malaysian, Qatari or Lybian organizations, in many cases by these foreign governments.

Interesting to note is that this is not happening only in Macedonia, rather Bulgaria has been hit hard by this problem as well. According to Bulgarian newspapers, there were hundreds of new mosques built only in the last few years across Bulgaria.

In Macedonia, astonishingly muslims are not needed for mosques. The latest example is the city of Shtip, where there are no people of muslim religion yet a mosque is being built. Shtip residents have joked that there must be a muslim individual in some village, therefore one mosque per muslim. Another mosque was built in Valandovo, where there aren’t any muslims as well. As the case with the majority of the mosques, the above mentioned did not have a building permit.

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6 Replies to “Illegal mosques financed by Saudis springing up near you”

  1. These Saudis are doing what they know best using their oil money muscle to spread World jihad.
    This should be of no surprise to anyone with a functioning brain cell.
    Here’s a news update of the latest sewage from the wonderful world of Dar al-Islam:

  2. They are Barracks,nothing less,places to run and hide in when they are found out for any small misdemeanour, a place of sanctuary.

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