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2 Replies to “Gavin Boby: Montreal Feb 5 2013”

  1. Okay …. this guy lost me to his cause when he purports that there should not be any hatred towards the Muslims. So …. he is advocating that the Muslims can display their hatred while we kiss and hug them.
    I can’t stand such mightier than thou pretending to be saints kind of people !

  2. No. What he is saying is that you can fight them and beat them and work against them with every waking breath. But hatred is destructive. No need for that.

    I believe he is saying that the British beat the Nazis with a very sanguine attitude about it. I also think Gavin can smell a set up when he sees it given that people from Human Rights Commissions where there and just dying to find an excuse to force him out of the country and make sure he never comes back.

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