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10 Replies to “Egypt: Huge crowd marching in direction of the Parliament calling for President Morsi’s resignation”

  1. “calling for President Morsi’s resignation”
    That won’t happen, they will have to give him the Gaddafi or Sadam or American Ambassador treatment.
    @ Softly Bob – your link doesn’t seem to work.

  2. sorry Bob, found the link.

    T“he Ministry of Justice said it had withdrawn the products immediately, while justice minister Jeremy Wright said the Prison Service was investigating “as a matter of urgency”…

    The MINISTRY OF JUSTICE no less? I hope the Queen will apologise to…I think one should start and spread the rumour about all Hallal food along the lines: “did you hear, there is porc in this…”. Hallalisation = Islamisation, we are getting it force-fed here in OZ (and in France) where they dont even label it adequately, or label it in a hidden way.

  3. Egypt is in the opening stages of a civil war, as much as I wish the protesters would win the smart money is on the MB since Obama is giving them weapons and probably money.

  4. Arthur, I don’t think Islam will tear itself apart just yet, well…. it will, sort of…. but it will get stronger first, if you see what I mean. Things that are dying often have a last burst of strength before they draw their final breath. Islam will actually get stronger and more dangerous and will appear on the outside to be more powerful than ever but will have a hidden cancer that is slowly eating away at it. We are heading for a more dangerous phase. Don’t underestimate the power of Islam.
    But you are right in the sense that Islam has now caught the disease that will lead to its own destruction – it just doesn’t know it yet.

  5. Clashes re-erupt outside presidential palace in Heliopolis

    Hundreds face off with police for the second night in a row outside Itihadiya in east Cairo

    Saturday Feb 2 2013

    According to media reports, some protesters used fireworks and Molotov cocktails in clashes with the police, while officers fired rounds in the air.

    The atmosphere remains volatile. No reports of injuries are available.

    Bloody confrontations broke out on Friday night at the palace, which is located in Heliopolis, as thousands were protesting against President Mohamed Mosi and the Muslim Brotherhood – the group he hails from.

    Earlier on Saturday, a funeral march for Mohamed Hussein Korani, who was killed in Friday’s clashes, headed from the nearby Al-Nour mosque in Abbasiya to the presidential palace.Egypt has been hit by turmoil since 25 January – the second anniversary of the 2011 Revolution.


  6. @ Martin. YAYYYY for “Allahu akbarists”. That should be entered into the description vocab. I just hate how the word “Rebel” is bandied about for murderous thugs that are nothing more than vermin. “Rebel” has such a romantic connotation still. So: ALLAHU AKBARISTS is is!

  7. Mighty brave people. There’s bound to be many unsung martyrs here. And for these real “shahid” – witnesses against a cult of death – there’s neither promise of celestial reward, nor oily trust funds for their families.

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