US Govt. preparing for a scissor ban?

It would seem, based on this advice, that the US Government must be trying to create the impression that scissors are a dangerous weapon and that of course, usually means they are about to register them if not ban them outright if its past is anything to go by.

H/T Tundra T

From Brietbart.Com

The instructions seem like Morsi’s dream plan, don’t they? If only the Egyptians could be as sheep-like as the Americans are here.

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2 Replies to “US Govt. preparing for a scissor ban?”

  1. But what if the active shooter brandishes a rock? there might not be a copy machine close by to counter the rock with paper. Oh dear! Word has it on the Hill that “BAAbara” Boxer is working on a Senate bill to ban high capacity staplers too. All in order to reduce workplace violence, no doubt.

    No thanks DHS, I’ll take my chances with my trusty Glock.

    Just sayin’

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