Islamic Jihadists Implemented Racist Sharia Law in Mali Targeting Blacks

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Front Page Magazine:

The French liberation of Gao has given us look into life under Islam. The system that the Jihadis had implemented in Mali looks a good deal like the same Islamic colonialism that scarred Africa and produced the slave trade.

There was a tier with black Malians on the bottom and lighter skinned Arab and Pakistani Jihadists on top.

Over the last two days, I’ve had something of a tour of the justice system the Mujao, which is Movements for Jihad and Unity, installed in Gao, Mali, during their nine months of rule. They took over what used to be the mayor’s office and turned it into the  “justice” centre.

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2 Replies to “Islamic Jihadists Implemented Racist Sharia Law in Mali Targeting Blacks”

  1. Why on Earth would they target Blacks? I mean Islam brought equality and justice to the World didn’t it? Don’t you know that’s one of the reasons that numbers of African-Americans have turned to Islam because Christianity is the White man’s religion and Islam is for Blacks. Don’t you know how much the prophet Mohammed loved Blacks?
    Oh, yeah…. of course….. I forgot that we’re living on Planet Stupid!

  2. the suckers of ansar-dine and boko harram will get their wake up call if islam ever takes over in africa.
    the arab supremacists will never let a n****R ever be seen as anything other than sub human.

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