Links and news for Jan 28 2013

1. Teen killed by sword and knife wielding gang in the UK.

And I bet anything this took place in a ‘stab-free zone’.

2. Australian religious-Muslim group has words for France.

3. Geert Wilders Australia tour via Gates of Vienna

4. Dead parrot sketch on test for new immigrants? Frankly I think with each new Muslim immigrant to the UK, a thousand bullet proof white boards should be given to the residents of what area he settles in.

5.  “Muslim vigilante gangs could escalate” -Well known British genius.


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  1. This merely confirms that making weapons illegal just takes them out of the hands of civilians. Criminals have no problem breaking laws, so why would they respect this one?

    If only one of the ‘witnesses’ had had a gun, the boys life might have been saved.

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