Egyptian riot videos for Jan 28th

Thanks to Magic Martin for staying on top of this ever escalating and ever more complex situation.

Raining rocks        5

Raining water!       8

Police V people      7

Nice view of the beach 5

group chants (no allah) 6

SloMo tear gas           5

sirens                      6

1. Blair Witch Camera work 8

2. Syncopated marching cops 8
(None of them have bullet resistant whiteboards though)

And more from MM:

More clashes on Moday – One man killed in Cairo

CAIRO, Jan 28 (Reuters) – A bystander was shot dead in

Egypt’s capital on Monday where clashes between police and
protesters extended to a fifth day, a security source in the
Interior Ministry said.

The 46-year-old man was not taking part in the protest but
was hit by a gunshot early on Monday on the edge of Tahrir
Square, the source said. It was not clear who fired the shot.
Police have been firing volleys of teargas against protesters
throwing stones in streets around the square.

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    Thousands of demonstrators block Alexandria roads, railways

    Alexandrian protesters block Sidi Gaber train station and Abu-Qir road, chanting against President Morsi; Brotherhood denounces ‘thugs’ who attack state institutions

    Thousands of protesters converging from the Qaed Ibrahim mosque and Victoria Square on the Sidi Gaber district in central Alexandria have blocked off Abu-Qir boulevard with rubbish bins and bonfires.

    Other groups of protesters are sitting on two of the main tracks of Sidi Gaber train station and obstructing them using iron rods, wooden sticks and a broken desk.

    “Down, down, with the rule of the [Muslim Brotherhood’s] supreme guide! Down, down with Morsi! Leave, we are poor people,” were among the chants of demonstrators during their march.

    Protesters had earlier cut off roads, and obstructed tram lines in Al-Raml district in downtown Alexandria, as well as in the Azaretah district, stating they wanted to remind officials of those who had lost their lives in the revolution.

    “The message we want to send is that Morsi has ruined the country and it is time for him to go.”,.aspx

  2. Suez Canal residents defy President Morsi’s curfew

    In Suez, Ismailia and Port Said, shops and cafes remained open after the 9pm curfew, and some locals even played football

    The three Suez Canal cities of Suez, Ismailia and Port Said are witnessing mass demonstrations in defiance of the regional curfew that was announced Sunday night by President Mohamed Morsi after several days of violent clashes.

    On Monday evening, thousands demonstrating in each city chanted anti-Morsi and anti-Muslim Brotherhood slogans, ignoring the 9pm to 6am curfew mandated by Morsi, who also imposed a state of emergency on the embattled cities.

    The shops and street cafes of Suez are still open, according to an Ahram Online reporter. The army, for its part, is not interfering or trying to impose the curfew.

    In Ismailia, residents organised football games in front of the governorate headquarters in a show of defiance, reported privately-owned newspaper El-Badil.

    Thousands are also demonstrating in the city of Port Said, chanting that they will not accept such “undemocratic measures” after the January 25 revolution, and holding President Morsi responsible for the killings over the past few days. Demonstrators also demanded the interior minister be replaced.

    Neither the army nor police have interfered.

    Port Said has lost at least 39 of its citizens during clashes with police over the past two days. Violence erupted on Saturday after a court verdict was issued giving 21 Port Said residents the death sentence for involvement in the Port Said football violence of last year, which left more than 70 fans of Ahly football club dead.

    Suez and Ismailia also witnessed clashes with police on Friday, the day marking the second anniversary of the January 25 revolution, during demonstrations.

    Violent clashes have continued sporadically in all three cities, as well as in other cities and governorates around Egypt such as Damanhour, Alexandria and Kafr El-Sheikh. At the time of writing, clashes were ongoing in Cairo.

    The president has called for an immediate national dialogue, which started on Monday and included several political party representatives. The umbrella opposition group the National Salvation Front, which includes key leftist and liberal actors, rejected the invitation, describing it as a “fake” dialogue.

    VIDEO Huge crowd protesting against Morsi in SUEZ despite the curfew –

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