Lego accused of racism by Turkish community who say toy is offensive because it is ‘based on a mosque’

This might be a good time to mention, that if anyone should be offended its Eastern Church members, as this architectural style was stolen by the Muslims who invaded Constantinople, from the Hagia Sophia, the ‘Eastern Vatican’ if you like.

So it is highly ironic that Muslims should complain about this toy. To quote one of the great lines from The Princess Bride:

“You have taken from me, that which I have rightfully stolen!”

Daily Mail:

  • Turkish Community Forum issued statement criticising toy manufacturer
  • Claims that Jabba’s Palace set resembles Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia mosque
  • Describes Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt as resembling a ‘terrorist’
  • Lego denied any link and said the toy was based on the Star Wars movies

By Mario Ledwith

PUBLISHED: 17:03 GMT, 23 January 2013 | UPDATED: 20:29 GMT, 23 January 2013

Lego has been accused of racism by the Turkish community over a Star Wars toy allegedly depicting  a mosque.

The critics claim that the Jabba’s Palace model, part of Lego’s Star Wars range, offends Muslims as it resembles the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul – one of the world’s most renowned mosques.

Members of the Turkish Cultural Community of Austria group also accused the toy manufacturer of depicting Asians as having ‘deceitful and criminal personalities’.

Toy: The Jabba's Palace Lego set has been criticised by the Turkish Cultural Community of Austria group, which has described it as offensive to the Muslim community Toy: The Jabba’s Palace Lego set has been criticised by the Turkish Cultural Community of Austria group, which has described it as offensive to the Muslim community

Criticism: The group has criticised Lego's design saying it resembles the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul, on eof the world's most recognisable mosques Criticism: The group has criticised Lego’s design saying it resembles the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul, one of the world’s most recognisable mosques

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19 Replies to “Lego accused of racism by Turkish community who say toy is offensive because it is ‘based on a mosque’”

  1. Funny you mention that Eeyore, here is a cut and paste of my original comments on Barenaked Islam earlier.

    OMG! Now another valid, legitamate reason to hate muslims! They’re pathetic swine intent upon the destruction of all of our cultural heritage. Looks like Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, huh? If that was the case, then the only people who would come close to having anything resembling a legitimate gripe would NOT be muslims, but rather, ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS! Particularly, Greek Orthodox Christians! You see, the building predates islam and it was built as a CHURCH! In fact, it was for centuries the world’s largest, most prestigeous cathedral in all Christandom. It was built in AD 532, commissioned by the Roman Emperor Justinian and completed in AD 537. Once completed, Justinian was said to have exclaimed “Oh Soloman, I have outdone thee!” The Architects were Isidoros and Anthemios – both ethnic Greek Christians. The only exterior additions of note added by the Turks were the four minarets added after their conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul) in AD 1453. It was the Turks who converted it into a pathetic mosque.

    Hagia Sophia is Greek for Holy Wisdom, and this church was to be the Ottoman Turks model of inspiration for mosque construction ever since. Islam, if one hasn’t yet noted, has a long history of stealing the cultural heritage of others, then, as in the case of converting this treasure into a vile mosque, and now by using it once again in order to put the smack-down upon Lego. Lawfare is just their latest tactic in this age-old battle. I just wish all muslims would drop dead!

    Oh yea, I most definitely will be sending Lego an email of encouragement to stand their ground. Where does it all end? When they finally sue all non-muslims for breathing earth’s air? Most likely.

    God I hate them!

  2. Jabba probably looks more like Bobba Mustafa, the Dey of Algiers, as described in Hugh Fitzgerald magnificent essay “Jefferson, the Adamses and Making Sense.”

  3. Did somebody go back in time and show the early Muslims a picture of an ICBM? Won’t it be great when they all have real ICBMs, with atomic bombs and guidance systems in them?

  4. Sorry, that building is NOT a mosque! It was intentionally build as an orthodox chruch in the time that nowadays Turkey was still an independent country and not occupied by the Turkmenians. Later on the orthodox church was turned into a mosque, therefor if Lego makes a copy of this building, they make a copy of an orthodox church. Doesn’t matter that much, most orthodox christians were raped by the Turkmenian moslem occupiers of what now is called Turkey and forced into islam, the other part of the orthodox christians were simply killed by the moslems. Who cares about a building?

  5. We should also take that Constantinople was the centre of Greco-Roman civilisation after the fall of Rome. After its fall, the surviving Christians fled to proper Europe, thus kicking off the Renaissance. Pre the invasion and occupation of Byzantine/Turkey, it was majority Christian culture. After its fall, Christians were massacred in the millions, right until the Armenian genocide between 1915-1918, leaving a Christian population of around 120,000, i.e., barely 0.01%.

    Those who do not learn the lessons of history…

  6. I, too, am fed up of this, this RIDICULOUS crap from muslims. This really is so absurd, beyond the pale…even lefties must agree how dumb this is.

    Lego, don’t you DARE ‘apologise’ in any way, shape, or form…

  7. Since Lego is a Danish company, I wonder what Lars Hedegaard’s thoughts are regarding this potential lawsuit?

    “Veni Vidi Deus Vicit”

  8. “Describes Star Wars character Jabba the Hutt as resembling a ‘terrorist’”

    Oddly, when I look at Jabba or a Muslim, I do have the same feeling. Revulsion. Perhaps more weighted with Muslims.

    Time for Disney to release Aladdin again and spin some more turbans.

    Next terror attack should be blamed on Lego.

  9. Well at least the church was used for a time as a religious center as a mosque and did not suffer the ignominious fate of the Taj Mahal which was converted from a Shiva Temple to a burial ground for one Muhgal ruler’s many wives with a bs love story promoting a false history of it. Yes that Taj Mahal that you all wrongly were told was built out of love for a woman. Another lie by Muslims another infidel house of worship stolen and desicrated. It was built out of love alright but for God by Hindus. Read more here

  10. If you think about it even Mecca the holiest site for Muslims, was the holy site of infidels, the Arab polytheists, before Mohammed and his merry men usurped it.

  11. Arun, you bring up some interesting things to consider. That should be no surprise at all considering the muslim tendancy to steal or destroy the cultural achievements of others. Thank you for the insight.:)

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