Music festival in Saudi Arabia

I was all turned around about this issue. Saudi Arabia does have music festivals and I suspect a lot of them are Jimi Hendrix fans.

H/T Magic Martin

The answer to the ancient question is now known. If you give a million monkeys a million typewriters and wait a million years you will not get a single line of Shakespeare. What you will get, is a million broken and feces covered typewriters.

Short version here

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    If you wanted to sum up the mentality of Islam, you could do it in a few paragraphs, containing words such as ‘paranoid’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘envious’, ‘afraid’, ‘resentful’, ‘impatient’ and so on. You could explain how Muslims are ignorant and afraid of anything that they don’t understand.
    Alternatively you could just use this video clip as it tells anyone everything they need to know about the Religion of Peace.
    To learn to play a musical instrument takes time, patience, skill and character. Muslims have none of this and they are envious of people who have.
    Why learn to play music and bring happiness into someone’s life, when it’s quicker, easier and less challenging to destroy musical instruments instead?

    Muslims are uncouth, uncultured, and deep down they are also very insecure and very afraid!

  2. hehehe 🙂

    The Germans have a saying, lifted from an ancient German poem:

    “Wo man singt, da lass’ Dich ruhig nieder,
    boese Menschen haben keine Lieder”.

    (Where one sings, stay, without fear,
    evil people have no songs/music)

    (i)In German it sounds better, because it rhymes 😉
    (ii) I’m sometimes reluctant to quote it, because the Nazis had lots of songs. (Incidentally, often quite beautiful German folk songs which pre-dated Nazism by a loooooong while, and which they adopted as “their own”. So now many of these old German songs are tarnished, at least for those of us who have some “sensitivity” towards the victims of Nazism).

    Yes, Richard: Nazi Book burnings put to music.

  3. @ Rita if you speak German then you might like this documentary about « ecology »

    Wie Umweltschutz der Umwelt schadet

    ( the links for part 2 and 3 are usually at the top of the column on the right on the youtube page )

  4. @ Martin…. but there are good Arab Gospel choirs…. like this one :

    OH MY GOD ! heheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee teeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Going out in to my Australian summer’s day with a giggle in my heart and a song on my lips Jhehehehe
    Have a happy one all J

  5. Meh, The Who did this decades ago and with more style. And they played them first too. These Soddy dorks can only destroy like ‘Slums everywhere.

  6. @ Martin. Thanks for that video. Why is it that the Greens always seem to have shrill, man-hating, post menopausal women? that woman is frightening. We have the same kind of green leaders in Australia. I’m surprised that someone from the Spiegel, who is (from memory) rather leftish, showed so much sense.

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