Gadhafi’s vanished arsenal stoking Sahara unrest, experts say

Question: How is the current world situation not a world war with Islamic motivated forces against everyone else?

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The Star:

  Published on Friday January 18, 2013

AFP/GETTY IMAGES A rebel convoy crossing the desert in Mali has materiel right out of the Libyan army’s arsenal, for instance BM-21 Grad rocket launchers. Arms observers say the countless weapons that vanished after Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown are ending up in the hands of insurgents, often leaving them better armed than their government foes.

By Olivia Ward Foreign Affairs Reporter


Peter Bouckaert could hardly believe his eyes. As Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi lay dying in October 2011, rebel militias were speedily stripping the carcass of the regime of the vast arsenals of weapons that had ensured his 42-year reign.

“I’ve worked around the world and covered conflicts for 15 years,” Bouckaert, veteran emergencies director for Human Rights Watch, told The Star last fall. “I’ve never seen weapons proliferation like Libya. The militias got their hands on weapons on a scale many times greater than other conflicts.”

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6 Replies to “Gadhafi’s vanished arsenal stoking Sahara unrest, experts say”

  1. Worth reading
    The Bee and the Lamb, Part 9 (Continued)
    The article is right in stating that Muslims are not to blame. I have maintained this for decades. The fault lies not with Islam or Muslims. Anyone with the slightest notions of historical record, would know that allowing Muslims into the West is a surefire recipe for disaster. In fact, Muslims have made it abundantly clear by spoken and written word, and by their actions, what their intent is. It is our idiot socialist/marxist/proggresivist utopia seeking rulers who are leading us to the killing fields like lambs to the slaughter.

  2. MALI Islamist chief killed in revenge attack

    RESIDENTS of the Islamist-held northern Mali town of Gao have killed a local jihadist leader to avenge the murder of a journalist, an official says.

    Sema Maiga, a deputy of the town’s mayor, on Saturday said the Islamists beat local journalist Kader Toure to death after accusing him of “working for the enemy”, adding that residents then “killed an Islamist chief called Alioune Toure”.

    Gao has for nearly nine months been under the control of Islamist militants from the Movement for Oneness and Jihad (MUJAO) who imposed a harsh form of Islamic law that included the amputation of the hands of thieves.

    They had cut telecommunication links to the town to stop residents from passing information to advancing French and Malian troops.

    French air strikes that began on January 11 to halt an Islamist advance have subsequently driven the insurgents from their strongholds in the north to take shelter in the vast desert territory.

  3. Anyone who thinks that the Moslems can’t take on the west hasn’t been following current events, Obama is busy arming the Moslems with the latest in the US arsenals while spending the US into bankruptcy so we can’t rearm. The Russians and Chinese are also providing weapons so the Moslems can weaken the west and allow Russia and China to become the dominate nations in the world.

    Never forget Russia and China aren’t our friends, they aren’t our open enemies but they will save us only to slap their slave chains on rather then let the Moslems slap Moslem slave chains on us. The world and international politics is a very complicated matter, we can’t allow our open or concealed enemies to gain power over us. Unfortunately with the fifth columnist in the White House we have done that and removing him is going to be very difficult.

  4. Richard wrote: Unfortunately with the fifth columnist in the White House we have done that and removing him is going to be very difficult.

    Let us hope and pray that the Chief Islamist of the US, is himself a prisoner of history. The rhythms and tides of history are so powerful that CIOUS may not be able to resist them.

  5. @dp111, has an article about the Chinese Communist Government telling their military to get ready to fight a war, nothing about who they are going to fight. Do you think that will count as him being a prisoner of history?

    If they are going to fight I hope they hit India, they are the only ones over there big enough to stand up to them, although the Japanese are working to rebuild their military.

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