Algerian army accused of ‘bombing hostage jeeps’

Algeria. This is the country where Muslims on motorcycles would ride up and shoot groups of schoolgirls at bus stops for not being dressed Islamically. This was before 911 and the rare news story that would leak into our media caused such cognitive dissonance that people wouldn’t let themselves believe, or even remember it.

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A hostage who escaped unharmed from Islamist militants in Algeria said the Algerian army bombed four jeeps carrying fellow captives strapped with explosives and probably killed many of them, his brother told Reuters.

Irishman Stephen McFaul, who was among dozens of Western and local captives seized by militants at an Algerian natural gas plant on Wednesday, told his family that he survived because he was on the only one of five jeeps not hit by Algerian bombs, according to his brother Brian.

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8 Replies to “Algerian army accused of ‘bombing hostage jeeps’”

  1. I have one question: Why the hell are we westerners always ending up at the mercy of muslims??

    What part of “they hate us and want to kill us (the women they of course want to rape before killing) because thats what their demonic Allah told them is pious to do” dont we get into our stupid-stupid-stupid brains???

    When will we give up our humanitarian hubris and just admit to ourselves that we are poor little sinners in a very hostile world and not enlightenment-godmen on a quest to save the downtrodden third world from its old rotten self??

    I want to know that.

  2. Your Holiness the left has managed to spread guilt over colonialism to the extent that no one is allowed to protect themselves. More blood on the hands of the left, blood that won’t wash off.

  3. I won’t let myself doubt that in the long run we will win, I am not so sure civilization will survive but the west will win.

  4. I agree with you, the war is going to be long and bloody with things done by both sides that will be sickening, but in the long run I think we will win. What is scaring me is the fact that some of the things we will do to win may destroy civilization.

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