“Blogger giveth, and Blogger taketh away.” Gates of Vienna no longer online ATM

Gates of Vienna is down for the moment. No one knows anything about it. Blogger may have done it or they may not have. Please do not send them emails about it as they don’t know more than this.

It could be a technical glitch or an attack of some kind or active editorial actions by blogger. At this stage, none of us know yet. When information is available I will post it here immediately.



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  1. This is why I have said before that any video clip, any article, post, comment, news item…. whatever, that you find, that you think is important – download it and keep it. Store it. Preserve it. Hide it.
    There may come a time when counterjihad and free speech is restricted or banned altogether. Websites may be shut down. Don’t let them destroy the evidence!

  2. Yes. There is a comment I linked to from GoV earlier today which was a persons own experience with Muslim sharia enforcer gangs in London. Now I am annoyed that I didn’t post the whole comment instead of just the link. But that seemed impolite at the time. It was a good and important comment as well.

  3. Eeyore, remember this rule. Steal from each other – forget copyright. If you’re worried about being impolite then don’t post it publicly, but please keep a private copy, several copies if possible. I have things that I have done that is my own work, but anything that I give to the freedom-of-speech movement is public domain, and that includes this site!

  4. Was it this comment?


    “So what does it mean to have millions of Muslims in a nation, especially in an era of political correctness and moral and cultural relativism? Well here is a pretty good example of the latter stages of ‘No Go Zone’ creation, where the state cedes all sovereignty to hostiles and accepts the moderately paced erosion of the nation state, selectively applying all of its own laws only against the indigenous Western minded people to the advantage of the violent invaders. Why? Because governments prefer the illusion of peace and security even temporarily to the application of force on its own streets. Partially because of the ideology of those in charge, but likely just as much because of how the media will present it if the West fights back to enforce its own values on its own jurisdictions.

    It could be added that the class with influence in England especially does not live anywhere near these “Muslim areas” and the class that does, is widely viewed as the great unwashed by the non-working class. And any attempt to even sound the alarm by the indigenous British who live in these areas are met with force due to the perversion of the constabulary from an organization that enforces British law, to one that guarantees political hegemony at the cost of British law.”

  5. A relative neophyte can I ask: I am on Blogger – could they literally take all my posts away and destroy them? If so, how do I save them: should I copy the entire texts, plus the links to U-tube I use etc. and file them in microsoft works or such?
    I always thought everything would be preserved somewhere in cyberspace and eventually retrieveable. Do I understand that whatever I post on my blog becomes the property of Blogger to to with as they like?
    And who are Blogger actually?

  6. The Baron had it in his email:

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Sharia Patrols in London”:

    A black friend and i were on leave and we went to see his sister in Tower Hamlets.. We had a great day until walking to the bus stop when we were stopped by some muslims who stated a “white guy and a blackie can only be dealing drugs in their area”.

    We ignored them and went to walk on.

    Next minute we heard Kuffar shouted. We both turned round to see five of them charging at us with wood and claw hammers. We put up a fight which drove them off but when the police arrived we were arrested and taken out of the area where we were de-arrested.

    We went ballistic but were told we would be arrested under section 5 if we carried on. Needless to say the police did not even patrol the area for the scum.

  7. the web i see at work is filtered by fortiguard.
    they clasify “Bare Naked Islam” as extreme violence!
    as a result i can not accesse it at work.
    who’s next i wonder.

  8. “Eeyore, remember this rule. Steal from each other – forget copyright. ”

    Agreed. We can usefully duplicate material from each other.

    That said, the problem at GoV is being looked at by Blogger, they have confirmed that. Since Gates of Vienna didn’t violate the Terms of Service, it _should_ come back up in a matter of days.

  9. In the meantime, Google cache has (at the moment) a selected selection of pages still available. I cannot understand the logic of why some pages are available, and some are not. Unless, … (but that would be a conspiracy theory!)

    Search for site:gatesofvienna.blogspot.com There are no spaces after “site:”

  10. shame on blogger, and Google for taking down this blog.
    it is a sad fact that if you want to express your views freely you best own a domain and host it, even though costs are not low.
    suddenly we are in an era of limited free speech and where people are too concerned about what offends others and not what is true.

  11. further to my earlier post, it appears that fortiguard have blocked BNI at the request of CAIR.
    i have not had a chance to verify that though.


    Downloading should be done at least once a week, if you post anything on a weekly or more frequent basis. Otherwise, download every time you add content to your blog or site.

    This is easy stuff.

    If you do this, and something is hacked, it takes a few minutes to re-upload. You just send your stuff back up – absolutely nothing is changed.

    If you don’t do this, irreplaceable information may be lost. And a massive amount of time may be lost.

    All the best to all of us,

  13. There could be a billionaire somewhere who likes free speech to found, or partially found mirrors running all the time.
    A tiny mirror containing recent stuff could be ready all the time to activate in emergencies, if the normal host changes the url and other blogs do the same…

  14. Leaving something on a host is not as secure as keeping a copy on your own computer. And it is easy to do. It does take learning several steps – but not hard to do. And then, you are much more safe.

  15. Known facts:

    1. the Baron had come at odds with the Swedish State so called Public Service Radio SRP1 in one of them alleged copyright case.
    “The Swedish Tiger”. http://newthumbs-l3.technorati.com/xino.php?stwembed=1&stwaccesskeyid=0120d27529c3bb6&stwsize=lg&stwinside=1&stwurl=http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/

    2. Sveden’s Minister of Justice yesterday or the day before visited Google and Facebook concerning copyright, infringing and web-hate questions.

  16. Let’s keep our calm. Whatever happens, they CANNOT silence us. The Islamist cat is out of the bag, and enough people know about it to spread the good (or bad) news further. Such censorship COULD even add value to blogs such as GoV, in the long run – in the same way that those put in prison in Eastern Europe during the Communist days were more respected. We should anticipate such assaults on our freedom of speech, and should prepare for them. Such as the advice above – back up blogs, make copies of everything, try and find a “friendly billionaire” 🙂 For sure there are some out there.

    imo the more worrying aspect is – apathy. If all counterjihadis were right now rounded up and sent to camps, would anyone even care?! Seems that for many people (especialy the young, freshly-indoctrinated out of school), having the label “racist” tied around your neck justifies pretty much anything that may happen… is it that far-fetched to imagine Gulags or Western-style re-education camps at some point in the future??

    Back to the here and now – First Jihadwatch getting hacked, now this… Is all this just a coincidence? Or have some Anonymous anarchist hackers been having too much time on their hands??

  17. Gates of Vienna is back online. It appears there is a technical glitch which took down a great deal of blogger sites including fully innocuous ones such as LA Times Crosswords etc.

  18. Thanks Eeyore. Interesting, encouraging and important posts in this thread I think. Recently Pamela Geller wrote something along the same lines: ie the need for solidarity, and cross fertilisation of freedom loving bloggers.
    Personally, being the luddite I am, I now am completely paranoid about my little blog. (my paranoya is 1000 times bigger than my blog probably;)…But, how do I download to an external drive?

    a) post by post eg copy the text and the picture/video links? Then transfer it to a wordprocessing file?


    b) Just copy the link to everyone of the posts and save that in a text file?

  19. It appears Google has pulled Gates of Vienna again. . .this time noting a violation of terms of service. It is now taking on the stench of more than simply an annoying glitch @ Google going against that blog.

  20. Re the comment: “any interesting or useful articles should be downloaded. And videos as well.” Easiest is just to download it all. I don’t know your exact system, but in the end, it’s basically a matter of pulling a folder (or a few folders) from the web onto your computer and/or an external hard drive. Sometimes intimidating the first time (anyway, technical things start out by feeling challenging for me). But uncomplicated, and soon routine.

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