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4 Replies to “Murder rate Vs guns UK vs USA”

  1. Violent crime stats have increased in Britain in the last 40 years; since the police were stricter on weapon control. Back in the 1970s, every second women in London carried a weapon of some sort, most had hand-to-hand training, and the local police held ‘How to protect yourself’ courses for girls.

    Now, we all have to act lovey dovey and pretend that gangs of disgruntled youths are just misunderstood fluffy bunnies. If and when they commit a crime, which back in 1970 would have had them thrown into jail for 10 years, they now get a few months community service.

    In 1965, there was public outcry when a rapist was “only” given 6 years. Latest news shows that violent crime is punished by a warning, some community service, or a small fine.

    As long as the criminals see no deterrent, why should they be deterred?

    One change please: Gun Licences should be combined with a test, as driving licences are. Perhaps courses in the schools?

  2. Georgina why not go back to the old Saxon custom, let all free men be armed. You could modify this to let all non criminals be armed. Licensing of gun owners and registering of firearms simply tells the police where to come to confiscate your guns. Part of your current mess is that through out the 20th Century your gun rights were taken from you one nibble at a time, when the government decide to confiscate your guns they knew where they were.

  3. Now, this is a reasonable and factual report based on actual data. I’ll be watching CNN to see if Piers Morgan recant his statement and apologize for spewing false information. Don’t worry, I won’t hold my breath. . .

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