Plan for Muslim housing enclave in Sydney suburbs

Daily Telegraph Australia:

Muslim housing

Qartaba Homes, computer image of a Muslim only housing estate. Source: The Daily Telegraph

AN interest-free housing project aimed at the Muslim community and boasting 100 per cent halal housing has sparked a major row, with critics labelling it a discriminatory plan that could lead to a Muslim enclave.

Qartaba Homes’ plan offers “100 per cent Halal housing to the growing Muslim community of Australia” in the heart of the northwestern Sydney suburb of Riverstone.

While the company has insisted people from all religious backgrounds are free to take up the offer, it advises that the loans are “100 per cent Halal” and a “chance to escape Riba (interest)” because interest is a sin under Islamic law.

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13 Replies to “Plan for Muslim housing enclave in Sydney suburbs”

  1. Multiculturalism is not about integration but about cultural plurality. It is not about separation but about respect and the deepening awareness of Unity in Diversity. Each culture will maintain its own intrinsic value and at the same time would be expected to contribute to the benefit of the whole society. Multiculturalism can accommodate diversity of all kinds – cultural, philosophical and religious – so that we can create a world without conflict and strife. Britain can assume the role of accommodation and concern for all peoples, for our planet and indeed for our survival. Multi-culturalism is even more important and crucial after 9/11 and 7/7. Muslim youths are also likely to feel alienated by a focus on shared Brutishness, rather than multicultural diversity. Rather than promoting a single British “us” teaching should acknowledge that “us” can be diverse and plural. Children should be encouraged to explore differences in appearance, history and religion to reduce social and educational fears.

    It is the democratic right of every Muslim parent to see that their children receive balanced education, so that when their children grow up, they do not find themselves cut off from their cultural roots and linguistic skills. It is a question of common sense, humanity and reason that bilingual Muslim children must be educated in state funded Muslim schools with bilingual Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. The whole world believes that people who speak more than one language is a vital economic asset. Pupils who speak more than one language do not cause difficulties. There are hundreds of state and church schools where Muslim children are in majority. In my opinion, all such schools may be opted out as Muslim Academies.

  2. ” with critics labelling it a discriminatory plan that could lead to a Muslim enclave.”

    Australians are as thick headed as Ifthictard is. When you present a plan for a Muslim enclave/rhabbat, it IS an enclave, no” leading to” at all.

  3. @ Richard

    Yes, Inshallah! If pogroms were good enough for Jews who were innocent, they’re good enough for Muslims who are collectively guilty.

    A Muslim, an American Indian, and a cowboy walked into a bar. The Indian said, “My people were once many, now we are few. Why?” The Muslim said, “My people were once few, now we are many. Why?” The cowboy said, “We ain’t played Cowboys and Muslims yet!”

    Just wait, forehead-bumpers, everyone has their limit. Keep pushing and you’ll regret finding it.

  4. D.I.S.G.U.S.T.I.N.G.!!!

    And this is happening now, when (according to the 2011 census) only 476,300 people, or 2.25% of the total Australian population were Muslims.

    A friend from France recently told me:

    “Please learn from Europe’s mistakes!”

    Well our politicians and media won’t allow it, not even after this:

    Another little statistic: of muslim “refugees” something like 90 % are still living on social benefits (ie my taxes) after 5 years in the country.

  5. Oh yes, wtd2, the “infection” is global, ongoing and accellerating, I am just astonished that Islam shows its colours so early in their invasion (only 2.25 % of Australia’s population are muslims) and I despair of the corruption of our politicians (especially the Greens, who hold the balance of power here) and the naivity/stupidity of the useful idiots.

  6. Iffty wrote: . Each culture will maintain its own intrinsic value and at the same time would be expected to contribute to the benefit of the whole society.

    And is best achieved in a nation best suited that culture. Mixing cultures in one nation is a recipe for disaster.

  7. Good idea. There is so much trouble and trailer trash in the Western Suburbs this can only improve the area. Lets home some of the publlic housing residents start taking pride in their taxpayer donated property and keep it as nice as the Islamic Property Development. Maybe some of the females can take notice of how well dressed and refined the Muslims Girls are. Hope they build an Islamic School as well and they should also be allowed a development at Camden even though it would upset Kate McCulloch. Other nationalities take over our Schools and there is no way the Aussies would have a hope of topping the exams so Muslims and Asians should have their own schools. I would also like to see Hillsong get into the Western Suburbs as well and try and change the hoodlems in those areas. About time all public housing residents had to keep their properties clean and tidy.

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