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6 Replies to “Morsi on Obama”

  1. So, Obama “co-operated” with them “in a big way”. Those who went through the Muslim Brotherhoods torture chambers will appreciate that insight. And he looks forward to co-operating in as big a way “scientifically”….the bomb? The new axis of evil: Iran/Egypt/USA?

    And why does this interviewer say “ALLAH willing as WE SAY HERE”? Do they say this at CNN?

    Sooooo many questions, so little time…tick tick tick

  2. This makes me sick to my stomach ! Why in the world everyone has to kiss the muslims behind?
    I have noticed CNN are a bunch of a s s kissers !

  3. Then this :

    Mursi to urge Obama to free blind sheikh in first U.S. state visit

    Tuesday, 08 January 2013

    The release of an Egyptian blind sheikh, jailed in the United States for the 1993 World Trade Center attack, will be urged by Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi during his upcoming visit to the U.S., the leader said on Monday.

    The announcement follows his pledge, during his presidential campaign earlier this year, to free Omar Abdul Rahman. The preacher is currently serving a life sentence and the planned request for his release appears to be gesture, by Mursi, to Gama’a al-Islamiya, a Salafi group.

    […]Mursi told CNN in an interview aired Monday that he was hoping to travel to the United States before the end of March 2013, and he planned to raise the case of Sheikh Rahman with U.S. President Barack Obama.


  4. Obama’s treason is becoming more and more obvious, hopefully some of the people watching CNN caught the statement and it made them think and possibly change their minds.

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