3 Edmonton men face charges for allegedly forcing girls into prostitution

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SUN News:

3 Edmonton men face charges for allegedly forcing girls into prostitution



EDMONTON – Three men are facing human trafficking and pimping charges after teen girls were lured into Edmonton’s prostitution underground in two separate cases.Police say one man lured an underage girl to Edmonton from Saskatoon for the purpose of prostitution in July 2012.
When the girl arrived in the city, police say she was plied with alcohol and drugs including cocaine. But soon afterward, she allegedly learned the less scrupulous nature of her benefactors.”Through online conversations with a third party, she came to Edmonton and basically was caught in a very difficult situation,” said police spokesman Scott Pattison, adding she was “sexually assaulted, beaten . . . and basically threatened and put into the sex trade industry.”

She eventually escaped a motel room where she was held against her will by asking her captors if she could go out to get a soft-drink.

They took her shoes but the girl, while intoxicated, went shoeless into the wintry conditions and was found by a passing motorist lying underneath a street lamp.

Ali Saghafi, 25, of no fixed address…

…arrest of Hamid Fazli Ghejlou, 31, and Shahin Ranjbar, 23…


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  1. The Muslim Rape Jihad is in Canada. Want to see how it’s being played out elsewhere? Look at Oslo, Norway… lookat Sweden, Switzerland. Women are dyign their hair black to escape notice. The government was paying for pink cabs in one country during holiday season to have female only cab cars to get women home, to keep them from being raped. England? THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of girls raped, targetted by men like these.

    This is not about sex, but the power and control these men get from abusing a woman, attacking women they see as having no value, including us non muslim women.

    Stop these animals from coming into our country, kick them out when they do.

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