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3 Replies to “Robert Spencer on Michael Coren for Jan 1 2013”

  1. Some very good points from Spencer and Coren. Still VERY good of Coren to have Spencer on his show. Spencer is a master of eloquently stating hated reality to a western public drunk on “feel good” multiculti-lies.

    My personal opinion is that the pan-islamic revival is less connected to the West than to the islamic world itself. This may of course sound like obvious logic, but my point is that the revival is a natural response to the waning of traditional islamic culture in the islamic heartlands themselves.

    No there is no movement for a “modern” or “moderate” islam, as all the talking heads seems to be sure of, instead islam is breaking down at its core. This breakdown causes the violent response of the masses, who are out to defend their traditional culture. The breakdown feeds the revival and the revival feeds the breakdown and the result is a full scale mass psychosis.

    This was the pattern of much of the Wests modern history (and the difference between western and islamic traditional culture is rather huge). A pattern now taking hold in the long sleepy and feudal-traditional Dar al islam.

  2. Spencer and Coren can claim the same shit that the muslim community does [just a tiny minority] but they are dead wrong. Even those who do not actively participate in jihad may still support it and will happily ride the radical coat-tail, accepting concessions and crying islamophobia instead of calling for peace. So right there Coren and Spencer prove thier stupidity.
    We have all watched as the muslims around the world become more radicalized. We have heard that it is still a tiny minority. Even if that were true then it is also true that as the number of muslims grow in the west and elsewhere so do the number of radicals. So radical islam becomes an ever expanding and permanent problem if things stay as they are now.
    Coren and Spencer offer no solutions and are simply pointing out an obvious enemy while giving a pass to the large percentage of muslims who through spiritual loyalty or fear of persecution have no interest in changing the way islam operates.

  3. The so called radicals are busy rebuilding the Caliphate, once it is rebuilt they will start conquering Africa (I know some of them aren’t waiting) and will probably move into the Balkans to reclaim their former conquests. The time to stop them is now, not when it will cost more blood and treasure.

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