You Will Be Assimilated

Gates of Vienna:

Devout Muslims who move to Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States expect that their customs and practices will be tolerated in their new home.

We, the kuffar of the West, are expected to accept those long beards, the beanies and nightgowns, and especially the black bags over their chattel women. We celebrate our diversity by being tolerant of the exotic ways of newcomers from distant lands.

And the same thing is true of our hosts when we visit the heartland of the Islamic world, right?

Surely Westerners who vacation in Qatar can expect that their customs and attire will be acceptable to the natives…?

Mind you, we’re not talking about permanent residence, just a brief visit to enjoy the sun and sand and skyscrapers and raw sewage in the surf.

Not to build a church or anything, haha! No, no, we’re not that stupid!

No, we just mean shorts and tank tops and maybe some nice sundresses that show a little tantalizing cleavage…

Turnabout is fair play, right?

Nuh-uh — fat chance!

Check this out:

Qatar modesty

Be “One of Us” — under the rule of Allah.

Below is an article about the modesty campaign in Qatar:

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14 Replies to “You Will Be Assimilated”

  1. ‘You will be deported’

    The West will have to take a page out of the history books. The Normans successful campaign to rid Malta, Italy and Sicliy of muslims needs to be replicated for the sake of our survival. The good Normans drove them out of Europe and the socialists let them in.

  2. Yes, we should highlight the double standards and hypocrisy every chance we get

    Muslims exploit our tolerance and freedom to impose creeping sharia and islamification on the west, but firmly resist attempts to spread Christianity or western culture in Islamic countries.

    Reciprocity should be the response to every muslim in the west who whines about being offended when they can’t practice their religion exactly as they would in Islamic cultures.

    Until islamic countries accept Christianity etc and allow other lifestyles to live freely without harassment we should resist all attempts by muslims to impose their Islamic cultural ways on the west. Ban the veil and curtail mosque building for a start.

    Islam needs to be reformed and its harmful effects diluted, and it doesn’t matter how moderate muslims may seem when they live in the west, there won’t be an islamic reformation unless fundamental change occurs in Islamic countries and they won’t change willingly.

    If we treat them as they treat others it may cause some to reflect and start a shift in attitude.

  3. But this is great! It is so true! Finally some field where Muslims led the way and it´s even complete with nice contemporary western graphic design. We should buy the rights and start this campaign all over Europe: “If you are in Europe, you are one of us.Help us preserve European culture and values. Please do not cover your face at public places.” Who could complain? Really, I´d love to see such posters.

  4. You see our diplomats females going to their countries covering themselves up. I still wonder how they rationalize what they do or the precedence they are setting

  5. Moslems used their brutal faith and wealth or poverty to bully and intimidate the West, while other non-whites used their abusive and brutal culture to impose on us who don’t agree with them or not one of them..

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