Making a timed transcription of a video

I made this short instructional video for the benefit of all who would like to help with what I feel is the critically important work of bringing information about Islam and the damage it does to the rest of the world, although so far, primarily to English speakers.

The idea is, that pretty much everyone can help.

For example, if there is a video which needs to be made into French, and is currently in English, then any native speaker of English can use this method to quickly and easily make a timed transcription of the video, export the file, and email it to a French translator who only has to translate the file line-by-line and not have to worry about the tedious task of timing each line. It makes it much much faster and less stressful for everyone.

Or, if you are the translator, you can either make a transcription in the language of the video, or translate as you go. Either way you save a lot of time using this software.

There may indeed be other methods that I am unaware of, but since Syncrimedia improved their titling software to the current version it is the best I know of for this purpose.

If anyone has any questions or other problems in the process leave them in the comments. I don’t work for the company so I can’t do real tech support but I might know the answer anyway.

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