Killing of third British female soldier to die in Afghanistan and Marine ‘was just bad luck’: Bloodbath blamed on local policeman’s friendly fire

Daily Mail:

  • Medic Channing Day and Corporal David O’Connor have both been killed
  • Conflicting reports on what caused the death of the British soldiers
  • Pair thought to have been shot by insurgents in Nahr-e Saraj, Helmand
  • But Afghan source claimed the deaths were from ‘green on blue’ attack
  • Claims Afghan policeman who was washing in a stream in civilian clothes was mistaken for Taliban and shot by the British troops
  • This type of attack is where coalition troops are killed by their Afghan allies
  • 435 UK service members have died since operations began in Afghanistan

By Ian Drury

PUBLISHED: 01:09 EST, 25 October 2012 | UPDATED: 10:14 EST, 26 October 2012

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    • A female Army medic and a Royal Marine have been killed in a suspected ‘friendly fire’ tragedy in Afghanistan.

Corporal Channing Day, 25, and Corporal David O’Connor, 27, are believed to have been shot dead by an Afghan policeman after a mistaken exchange of fire.

A third UK serviceman was wounded in the gunfight on Wednesday.

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9 Replies to “Killing of third British female soldier to die in Afghanistan and Marine ‘was just bad luck’: Bloodbath blamed on local policeman’s friendly fire”

  1. Things like this happen, during WWII a Brit Special Forces unit (the PPA) went to sleep in a gully in Italy, during the night two German Tank units parked on both sides of the gully. The Brits opened fired on both units and while they were fighting each other climbed into their jeeps and drove off.

  2. Political correctness, the pc left thinks that the military is a lab for social engineering rather then an organization dedicated to defending the nation with military force.

  3. Richard

    You are right about PC. It is so damned difficult to criticise this development. This thesis that women soldiers can be equally good as men, is absurd. Besides, women have a far higher human value, as combat death of a woman is unnecessary. Unlike a male casualty, Its not just her death, but a future generation is wiped out with her demise. When one factors that in, then if casualties are a necessary fact of war, men are more expendable then women.

    This is purely from the utilitarian PoV.

    From the military PoV, men are faster, stronger, and generally evolved into fighting machines by nature. It is lucky for us that we outclass the enemy at the moment, and can afford to indulge in these dramas. But this wont last. Women in a unit reduce combat cohesiveness, simply because men know that whether they like it or not, their natural instinct will be to protect women, rather then complete the mission.

  4. You got that right, every time any nation uses women in combat it turns into a disaster, then after a while some fools ignore history and start screaming for women in combat. Yes the men know that our western values tells them to protect the women but there is also the sexual tension created by putting healthy young men and women together. You are going to have sexual competition and jealousy tearing the units apart, and the liberals will blame the men instead of nature.

  5. Richard

    Right you are. Sexual jealousy can tear a unit apart far more effectively then any bomb. Then of course, a woman can get pregnant, and is then off on maternity leave for several years, all on the Defence budget. Meanwhile the army has lost a soldier, on whom a large amount of money was spent. This creates even more tension of unfairness to the remaining men in the unit.

    Then there all the necessary female hygiene requirements that the Logistics officer has to budget and provide for in the field. Look at the photos of thses girl soldiers. One of them is stepping out of shower unit. Look at it.

  6. Yup, if I am right about war coming to Europe and the US we will see all of the people advocating women in combat changing their minds.

  7. I agree that women shouldn’t be in combat for the reasons outlined above (but we can have, and should have, women in the military for engineering, manufacture, communications, medicine etc). However, I note that DP111 you say that “beautiful women” should be excluded from combat – does that mean the more aesthetically challenged women are allowed to get themselves killed? As a “girl-next-door-type” I resent the notion that my type are expendable. What use is a woman’s childbearing capabilities with such notions of unworthiness from the menfolk? Many good women have been rejected because we don’t look like Cheryl Cole or Katie Price (Jordan) (never mind that not all European men look like David Beckham) thus rendering the white, European race further devoid of several children to boost its dwindling number. Might as well go off to war then, hadn’t we?

  8. Catherine I agree, the non combat positions should be open to the women.

    I think DP was calling all of the women in the military beautiful.

    One other reason to keep women out of combat, every woman captured bearing arms has been sexually molested. I wouldn’t want to place any woman in the position of being sexually molested.

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