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7 Replies to “Interesting MEMRI clip on the nature of Islam in Europe”

  1. I thought I was listening to a moderate, reasonable muslim for a couple of minutes. Then he started gobbing off about attacking America.I suppose that is reasonable by their standards.

  2. Let me guess, and the ones to blame for the western muslims behaving this way are of course the Christians and Jews!! They are never to blame for anything! LMFAO! What a dysfunctional society!

  3. What was that? They have respect for animals???????

    Muslims also have respect for inanimate objects.??????

    What is good to see is that the second person admits that 80% of Muslims in the West are beggars.

    Now the question for the coming caliphate – which we are creating for them, is how to get this beggar army to take control, while keeping the Jizya flowing. Tricky?

  4. @ Mar.
    No Mar, it is the politicians how are to blame.
    And our Canadian politicians, knowing what happened in Europe, have the arrogance to think that they are so good at there job, that it won’t happen here if the muslim population hits 5%+

  5. You listen to these . . . men (for lack of a more tasteless word) and they show the muslim world for what it truly is. A tribal barbaric culture. Shiite & Suni, Idiots & Baffoons. Pick your tribe.

  6. I wish there was some way to get the major networks to broadcast videos like that one, they won’t it would upset their fantasy world.

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