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7 Replies to “Not only can ants talk, it turns out THEY ARE MUSLIM!”

  1. Now this is really beginning to do my fucking head in. I’m really getting tired of Muslim morons butting their unwanted noses into everything. This shit really takes the biscuit.

    Firstly, all primitives believed that animals talked to each other. Even people who didn’t believe it, have used anthropomorphism and characterised talking animals for years. Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Aesop’s fables, they’re all part of the same tradition.
    Secondly, just because some half-wit named Mohammed claimed that ants talked to each other, Korang-utans are now claiming that the Koran has scientific miracles, just because science has now proven that ants do.
    Although, it’s hardly talking is it? It’s just communication between members of the same species, but biologists have now identified it and to some extent quantified it.
    What is really sad is that crazed half-wits are now going to have more ammunition to convince other half-wits that the Koran is true. It makes me sick. It also shows that ants are more intelligent than Muslims because at least they do have some sort of rational communication going on.
    Someone please put all Muslims on a giant space rocket of ark-like dimensions and jettison them into Outer Space. I’m sick of listening to these buffoons!

  2. If they are so f–ing clever why are their countries a disaster. Because they have no more brains than the ants they think can talk.

  3. So what. I communicate from my thorax all the time. Usually it’s just along the lines of “I ate some beans”, or “I need to to poop real bad”.

  4. The real miracle is why with all the wierd stuff that happens in religious texts, some derp would fascinated by a passage about someone listening to ants fart.

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