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8 Replies to “25,000 Bangladeshi muslims set fire to 22 Buddhist temples”

  1. This is so typical of Islam the Religion on Peace. I can see some others push so far and then they will retaliate in a huge way and wipe out a huge mass of Islamic followers men women and children. The reaction will be justified in my eyes BUT the Muslim will cry all sympathy for what they have started in the first place. They will nit get sympathy from me.. in fact I will be most pleased of the muslim slaughter because I too have had enough of these low life’s. Muslims your days ARE numbered … you have set the ground rules – pay for your evil with death.

  2. Yep we are all agreed, Buddhists nice bunch, Muzzies not so much:) Unfortunately though when push comes to shove it will be the “Apostate” pro-western mussies who’ll cop it worse I reckon. They are top of the hit list for the nut jobs…

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