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5 Replies to “An example of near psychotic irrational leftism”

  1. This disgusting cr_p coming out of the Toronto District School Board absolutely enrages me. I am a teacher but not in Ontario, so where are the teachers and parents who should be protesting this? Sickening.

  2. Have a look at the logo for the TDSB and tell me if it reminds you of anything. Then tell me if you can think of any reason that people who might use that logo/symbol may want to destroy the basics of Western values and structures.

  3. What exactly is gender identity? Although there may be a few rare individuals with chromosome or hormonal defects, most transsexuals have a psychological disorder.
    Gender identity is a nonsense concept, that the rest of us are forced to go along with. There is no such thing as a male to female sex change, there is simply a castrated man on hormone tablets to grow tits, who wears a skirt and lipstick. But, the rest of us have to pretend that this is a woman!
    The Left are always tinkering with nature, yet ironically, they don’t like tinkering with nature when it is for the benefit of mankind such as GM foods.
    Leftists are so wrong. They are godless, self-opinionated, and highly ignorant.

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