Some of todays news links. September 30 2012

1. Kenya, more killing by Muslims of anything not mustardic

2. Explosions and killings in Zaria (no idea where that is) where a muslim ‘boarding school’ was making bombs

3. Foreign cab drivers hold multiple women in caravan in Zululand for weeks raping and demanding ransom.

4. Nigerian officers fired for Boko Haram links. And another good reason to not have Muslims in ones armed forces.

5. Greek police alleged to send crime victims to Golden Dawn for help. H/T IvE for this one. And if true, this is a highly significant and probably trend setting phenomenon.

Thanks M. Laudahn for the links


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  1. If the police are really sending people to Golden Dawn the other political parties might as well stop camaigning, and if this does cut down crime it may spread to other European nations.

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