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4 Replies to “OK now. Everyone say your sorry”

  1. Ok, I’m sorry!

    I’m sorry that islam is not sufficiently mocked on a daily basis. I’m sorry that too many dhimmis are cowards and pander to muslims. I’m sorry that islam exists at all. And I’m sorry it isn’t eradicated……..yet.

  2. The corollary, with all religions having equal power of protection against medieval blasphemy laws, is that we had better get started building enough prisons for the millions of secular humanists who mock Christianity, because a law against free expression including defamation of religion has to cut both ways.

    Better that we use existing law properly – incarcerating the one million Imams inciting murderous rampages against non-Muslims should go without saying.

  3. OK, I’m sorry that the every day newscasts show us the ‘malicious & deliberatly provocative’ mobs of muslims chanting their hatred on the streets of their cities all over the middle east. These newscasts are only showing ‘distorted images’ of the muslim world I guess.
    Are we imbeciles in the west or what? One movie was made to basically re-enforce what we see on our television every day on the news. Get a grip already. Either the newscasts are not telling us and showing us the true images of muslims/Islam or the film is nothing but an excuse for the violence it generated.

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