Open letter to the Government of France.

My dearest France.

Now that Charlie Hebdo, political satire magazine has decided to step up to the plate and defend the single most important freedom that any human being has ever had, the right, no actually the obligation to criticize irrational religious authority, you, the government of France has decided to close embassies and French institutions throughout the barbarian world.

I merely wanted to advise you of the following.

As it takes approximately four to six months for Muslims to organize a spontaneous demonstration of outrage so I suggest you do not spend the extra revenue for short term booking on aircraft but book well in advance. In fact, you could focus on mid December getting the remnants of your Western cultured staff (if there are any) home for Christmas.

There is a very good chance that the riots over this crop of cartoons won’t form till after that and possibly not even till early spring.

Alternatively you could of course, defend the right that gave rise to one of the most significant civilizations in history and its now defunct secular laws, ‘La laicite‘, or, you could pack up and head for home. In either case, do take your time. No point in rushing and dropping any dish-ware or furniture.

Just a thought. I hope it helps.

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  1. Ya. With the slow islamic responds in mind they could also impregnated every Tricolour with toxic waste, or any other toxic agent, for the future flag burning 🙂

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